When Jesus pulled a "Kalonzo" akapita kati kati yao

What happened here?

Luke 4:28-30
[28]And all the people in the synagogue were filled with rage as they heard these things;
[29]and they got up and drove Him out of the city, and led Him to the brow of the hill on which their city had been built, in order to throw Him down the cliff.
[30]But passing through their midst, He went His way.

This verse the Muslims use to prove that Issa was never crucified.

Jesus, as depicted in the stories, was a bad person, really. Why was he always doing things that he knew they were contrary to what was expected of him? He was very provocative for a holy son of God. Uchokozi galore! The idea was apigwe na mob justice so that he may gloat like he did on Luke 24:26. Jesus was a fraud.

Hehe. Did Jesus use some kind of cloaking spell/ability to escape the mob? Also, do you think the muslims could be right about the crucifixion?

If there was a situation that forced him to escape, and if he did escape, it was not by a spell, or by supernatural powers. To believe and to say that he used a spell to escape is to be delusional. He was an obscure bloke who was not well known by many and that’s why he was able to pass unnoticed.

Muslims theory about the crucifixion is one of the most plausible. And it makes so much sense to me.

He had a short stature,hence his passing amidst the synagogue folks. [SIZE=1]Shait,that means his papa’s a short dude too[/SIZE]

This also was a possibility. Anything goes.

By the way, does anyone here watch Simcha Jacobovici’s documentaries? Jacobovici made a documentary whereby he seems to concur partly with the Muslims version and partly with the Da Vinci Code’s version of the aftermath of the said crucifixion. Basically, Jesus did not die. He escaped, somehow, and went to live with his wife who is believed to be Mary the Magdalene. They were able to raise a family together. There are people who are believed to be the descendants of Jesus and Mary living in Portugal today. And, curiously, they are not Christians.


But how do you pass unnoticed through a crowd that just dragged you up a hill with the intention of throwing you to your death? This is like saying a phone-snatcher ameshikwa anapigwa mob justice can just disappear into the crowd. Besides, everyone knew Jesus, his fame spread as far as Syria and the Decapolis (Matthew 4:24-25)

I’ve watched Jacobovich. He is a scam. Not even a real archeologist.

Okay when you listen to guys like Jacobovich, Atwill, Dan Brown… Never take them seriously. These guys are not scholars and usually are trying to sell some shit.

I know about those allegations and the discord among his critics. But, us being spectators with limited ken about these matters, I don’t think it’s appropriate for us to dismiss his claims and assertions just like that. We can’t call him a scam, unless tuwe sisi ni experts of his caliber. The least we can do is to listen to him, take notes halafu tungojee mwingine alie na alternative, more appealing and/or more plausible views.

I listen to anyone who’s anything except a Christian apologist. I also listen to rabbis and even Muslim preachers. Oh! I even listen to one Dr Ray Hagins of the Afrikan Village and Cultural Center.

Do you listen to Matt Dillahunty from Atheist Experience? He’s quite good in debating theists.

Mimi nilianza kushuku Jacobovich venye alituambia amepata Ark of the Covenant mara sijui Jesus lost tomb. Anyway he’s a good guy, I liked his episode about the cult of John the Baptist that still exists na huko sijui Israel ama ni Iraq.

Matt Dillahunty, Seth Andrews and Aron Ra call themselves the unholy trinity. I listen to them all. Matt alikua mmoja wa wale waliomshambulia Richard Dawkins siku Richard aliongea ukweli wa transgenders. I follow Seth Andrews on Twitter with his Thinking Atheist handle. I follow Aron Ra as well.

My position is that his peers or those more knowledgeable than him are the ones to call him out. And their arguments have to be demonstrably credible. Most critics huwa ni maneno matupu kwa podcasts na TV interviews. Doing research and the presentation of its subsequent findings is not a walk in the park. Simcha is very prolific and diligent. His research works are taken very seriously by the Israeli government mpaka they repatriated groups of people from various parts of the world identified by him and confirmed by DNA to be from the lost tribes of Israel.

You are a funny guy. How do you read about Jesus and think Kalonzo? :D:D:D