When it rains....


I honestly am beginning to doubt the so called political genius of this JSKS and his intellectualism.
First it was Rigathī Gashagua, a man from my home constituency who I wouldn’t even want to be my neighbour or even to know me. Why on earth, would he name him as his deputy?
And now the outburst about Sakaja’s degree or lack thereof. If you are sure that he has some degree, why TF cant you just give us the certificate or the transcripts so that we move on? Now if this guy is arrested, the @Deputy Presidente will be left with a huge rotten egg in the face…
Sad but comical.

Can we see the Welder’s degree certificate while we are at it?

Tuliichambua Jana in a very extensive thread.


we want the original cert in German, not translated

Go ask your mom

Matako juu juu kama brake za bodaa.


Buck toothed UDA followers who are you to demand original certificates when the University of Liepzig itself recognises him as a graduate. People who went to school have people who can speak for them. Sio kama Sakaja who claims to have studied in some backwater in Uganda.

Ambia nyanyako akupatie kama huwezi endea Germany mwenyewe.

Raila will not be at the ballot. Mtajua hamjui. Game bado changa

Do it right.
Matako juu juu kaa breki za honda.

Mdomo yako kubwa kama bakuli ya Kamiti

Liepzig ni kwa nyoko?

What’s gonna happen ?

Sit back and wait. Game bado changa

August 8th is around the corner, and all indicators shows LootAll is fcuked, what is it that you guys are hiding up your anuses ?

Don’t be bothered by that one, hao ndio ile brigade ya Uhuru is playing raila, when that hasn’t happened now they are dreaming of new conspiracy theories…


Is there any other politician who has been asked to display his transcripts? So, why should Sakaja do it ?