When is it time to quit a marriage

And why staying for the kids…


Sometimes you look at your kids’ faces and they are very very innocent. Why then punish such innocent souls? And you leaving will cause a lot of trouble to them. Something they do not deserve. @TrumanCapote what made your husband left you?

I would rather divorce than kids growing in a toxic home !

@TrumanCapote , why are are you always focused on failed marriages which account for only 5% of all:rolleyes:

She is a failure who thinks she is hated ,her nigro dad battered her momma with a battering ram as she watched manze . Wababa waache kunyanyasa mama musichana ikiagalia:mad::mad::mad:

Maybe you can address the good ones. Personally I have learnt alot from the failed ones and that’s why I post them.