When is it okay to white-knight?

Juzi we were drinking kwa nyumba ya msee alafu some guy started slapping his wife. Soon the slaps escalated to punches. I stood up to intervene lakini an older guy pointed a crooked finger to my seat,“wewe rudi uketi hapo!”

The woman started sobbing as the man rained more blows on her. The owner of the house came out of his bedroom and told the guy to calm down. The guy retorted,“wewe nyamaza! usifanye nikuje hapo,” before raining more punches on the woman’s head. “Na nisifike kwa nyumba mbele yako!” he added, accompanying the statement with a resounding whack.

I gave the guy some few punches and told him to go calm his tits in his own house. I left. The guy yelled, “brathe kuja sasa!” He had gotten into a fighting stance.

Khai! I nearly killed the guy. Knocked him to the ground and kicked his teeth in. Fuck this bullshit ati don’t intevene when a couple fights. Go do that shit behind closed doors.

Pia @Azor Ahai alichapa 20 kdf special forces pekee yake. Juu walichokoza MTU alikuwa anamnunulia tusker cider.

Ushawahi finywa mahali ukalia na jicho moja


Niaje thegi

Hapo nayo ni sawa, I never tolerate guys that beat up women kabisa.
I once beat up a guy kwa club coz of kuchapa dem yake to a point him friends had to carry him away.
It’s total bullshit bana

Okay nani anaweza peana story ya venye alichapwa kwa club seeing as everybody is some hero of some sort.

mimi kuna fight nishaiingilia wakaanza kuniattack wote wawili… never done that shit again… mimi fight siwezi ingilia

Congratulations. Hivyo ndo watu humea akili. Who else? Nani mwengine yuko na ushuhuda.

Hapo sawa. Huyo jamaa alikuwa na madharau. Anapigania kwa wenyewe na anaongea mbaya. Those are grounds for a thorough attitude adjustment ndio ashike adabu.

Guys who beat up females are worse than dog vomit. Uko na nguvu ya kupiga mwanamuke but pale nje unarokotwa na kijana wa highschool ju hauna nguvu ya kupigana na wanaume,same to female bashers,style up let the females be,mambo yao haituhusu bora tumwage ndani


Proverbs 26: 17
Whoever meddles in a quarrel not his own is like one who takes a passing dog by the ears.


Fighting sex is the best

hii hukuwa ni kujichocha tu na kiherehere mingi…usiwahi ingilia vita hujui wameanzana wapi, sasa if the guy chomoad a dagger na in the process aifinyilie kwa makende yako au tumbo in the name of self defensing ungesema nini??
it is always wise to think before acting.

Finish him kabisaa:D:D:D

MGTOW= FREEDOM… tutasema mara ngapi,Never Simp!!!..Let nature take it’s own cause,you are an alpha male who should value his energy and resources at all times.

nowadays you record and unaiweka mtandaoni and you let it bite each other. White knighting my ass. I once witnessed a bar fight between a husband and a wife at a car wash that had a drinking joint. The barmaid and some other women begged me to intervene instead nliongeza volume ya tenje kwa ndai ordered more drinks light a cigarette and asked the woman I was with to record the incident instead. We later on sent the video to her family members for them to choose on what to do.

how do you drink in a married man’s house?

UPDATE: The following day I was told I’d really hurt the guy, and that he had sworn to come for me with his “mbogi.” Later on I spotted him with a cracked, bloody face. For an instant I pitied him, then I remembered the blows he was raining on a crying woman’s face. In public. One shudders to think what he does behind closed doors, without people watching.

ANSWER TO THE ORIGINAL QUESTION: Never intervene when a married couple fights. If you beat the guy he might vent his anger on her later. You are not obligated to protect a woman simply because she has a vagina.

Obviously the guy’s threat that he will come with his mbogi is an acknowledgent he can’t come by himuselefu.