When Idi Amin Expelled 50,000 Indians From Uganda. NICE Approach Intended For The Good Of A Nation.

He’d deposed President Obote when he discovered that Uganda’s leader was about to arrest him for misappropriating army funds. This was in 1971, but 18 months later his murderous spree was well under way, with thousands killed plus religious leaders and journalists, judges and lawyers, students and intellectuals, among many others. He declared economic war on the tens of thousands of people whose forebears had come from the Indian subcontinent, confiscating their property and businesses.


On August 4th, 1972, Amin ordered the expulsion from the country of some 50,000 of these who held British passports. For some strange reason, in Britain people from the Indian subcontinent are usually called “Asians,” which doesn’t leave a word to cover those from farther East. These Ugandan “Asians” were entrepreneurial, talented and hard-working people, skilled in business, and they formed the backbone of the economy. However, Idi Amin favoured people from his own ethnic background, and arbitrarily expelled them anyway, giving their property and businesses to his cronies, who promptly ran them into the ground through incompetence and mismanagement.


Amin declared that he had beaten the British Empire, and awarded himself a CBE, “Conqueror of the British Empire.” He went on to style himself, “His Excellency, President for Life, Field Marshal Al Hadji Doctor Idi Amin Dada, VC, DSO, MC, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Seas and Conqueror of the British Empire in Africa in General and Uganda in Particular.” This was in addition to his claim to be the uncrowned King of Scotland. The “VC” stood for “Victorious Cross,” which he had made to imitate the VC medal.

We need to kick out the Brits from their ranches in Laikipia too. Warudi kwao maumbwa. Ohh, they were born here, ohh they are Kenyans. Ohh they are white kenyans. Kick the PESTS out of Africa like they did in Zimbambwe and like they do to Boers in Sath Afreaka

What was wrong with that? Go to youtube and see how those Indians were gloating about how they took advantage of Ugandans. They were actually practicing apartheid in Uganda simply because they had money courtesy of the favour they got from colonizers.

That was the best thing that ever happened to Uganda. As Idi himself said, that was the only chance Ugandans had to liberate themselves from discrimination and exploitation in their own country.

Point taken.

50 years later Indians are back and in control of Ugandan economy just like 1971.

Idi Amin resolved what to do and did what he resolved. Hapa Kenya bado tumefinywaaaa makende na hawa washienzi. Kina @BBIsiMuhimu wanabeba simiti kule Industrial area 12 hours a day Monday to Saturday na bado hagwes save 20k mwaka mzima. It’s a goddamn travesty!!

Some business was then given to ugandans. We all know what happened.

You can actually gauge what kind of Indians were in Uganda and how racist they were by looking at the way the current British home secretary Priti Patel hate black Africans. Her father was from Uganda and you can bet that hatred has been passed down from her parents and grandparents

I note all the president’s and kings, dead, alive and fictitious have endorsed this post


Amin and Mugabe’s problem was with the methods. German and much of Europe’s nationals are enjoying Hitler’s actions. Hitler released much of Europe from the Rothschild’s and other Jews’ strong hold.

utafukuzaje mhindi ikiwa aghakhan ndio referral nchini na ikishindikana wasee husukumwa india?

What is never mentioned about the 'Asians" in Uganda and “Whites” in Zimbabwe is the fact that they were British citizens. They were not included in the independence negotiations the way the Omani’s of East Africa were an item in Lancaster. India had become independent and this Asians were not factored in the new constitutional dispensation. UK decided to buy time and let them hold on to their British citizenship. Even after African countries got independence, Britain let the issue lie hoping the issue would sort it itself out with time through attrition as their children born in the countries became citizens jus sanguine.

With the Africanization policy being implemented, Britain only focussed on whites who got repatriated back. World Bank loans guaranteed by UK to enable the countries but back land only focussed on whites. Meanwhile the Asian question was being raised in UK and the government never gave a straight answer but prevaricated and pussy-footed. It is the actions of Idi Amin that made Britain face up to the citizenship of the “Asians” in it’s former colonies.

For Zimbabwe, the whites had declared themselves independent form Britain the same way the Boers did in South Africa. The question if where they belonged was brushed aside and Mugabe was told to give Britain 10 years to find a solution similar to what they did in Kenya, buy out the farms. Mugabe waited for ten years and Britain remained silent. When he confronted Tony Blair, Blair went Boni forest on him (look at the timeline from 1981 when Zimbabwe became independent and notice it was just after a decade).

Even Kenyatta gave them a quit notice because they were British citizens

Why kick out productive members of society. Some of these people have been running profitable farms for decades and produced more wealth for Kenya than bonobos like you.

If the land is appropriated it will end up in the hands of politicians like Ohuru who are already multi billionaires. Kama unadhani common mwananchi atapata keep dreaming.

Nation and cultures are not about profits, you are myopic. The aim of foreigners in Africa is exploitation of resources, not for the benefit of Africa. As an example, Atul Shah of Nakumatt carted all his money and profits out of Kenya without paying even suppliers. What about pensions for those who had worked in Nakumatt for years?

In the early independent days, the Asians were not citizens and took their capital out. Many bought homes and set up businesses in Britain while in Kenya all they had was a flat in Pangani. Capital flight is the reason Uganda and Kenya told them to quit. They had refused to take up Kenyan and Ugandan citizenship preferring the “prestigious” British citizenship.

Until that day when negroes grow a brain, Afric will remain a source of raw material, cheap labour and an export zone of the few bright minds to EU & USA

We can debate about this all day but a perfect case study already happened. Look at what happened in Uganda and Zimbabwe. Businesses and wealth was appropriated and given to Omwafrika. In less than one generation all the businesses were run to the ground and the wealth was either lost completely or significantly diminished.

The only way to reduce poverty and develop a nation is prudent investment in heath, education and infrastructure. Countries like Kenya operate in low skill and low income industries where people make meagre wages but complain about exploitation. If those western companies started paying people low skill workers higher wages their companies would become uncompetitive and collapse. The problem is not the companies but the industry. Countries like Japan, China and South Korea got rich by doing business with foreigners yet when Omwafrika does business with them it always ends up in Omwafrika being exploited. If you have problem with the way Atul Shah was running its business go and start your own Nakumatt and do better instead of asking the government to take their business and give it to you. Yes he may have shifted capital away from Kenya and not paid people’s pensions but when Nakumatt was at its prime it gave thousands their daily bread and fulfilled the needs of millions of shoppers.

Its sad to see that even after almost sixty years of independence the only way we can empower fellow Africans is taking away the property of the few white settlers left. Even if we took away all their ranches and companies we would only make a dent in the fight against poverty in Kenya. We need to change our attitude from that of entitlement and appropriation to that of innovation and creation.

I find it difficult to debate people like you who introduces their own facts in a discussion. In Uganda, they were told to leave, In Zimbabwe, they were told to return the land that was forcibly taken. Stop being emotional,

Idi Amin confiscated business and property while Mugabe and his cronies seized the farms but if you want to believe in your own version then sitakusumbua.