When I tell you these chimpanzees are bottom beaches LISTEN. This is a post from a ktalk member talking about pimping out his wife and kids to JUNGUUS

Copied from @maghareb the loser is now a pimp of his wife and the mother of his children’s vagina. Ingiieni inbox mupige bei and if you want his ass too he’s willing to sell it to you. It’s better you stay single than marrying this type of a loser who openly admits he’s not man enough to take care of his family. Then you blame white people for putting black women on welfare. This is the general thinking of a chimpanzee be it in Yues or the Caribbean or Kenya. Nugu ni ile ile. Zalieni wazungu we need to wipe out this kind of breed who are the embodiment of defeated manhood. Hii takataka we as women need to phase it out. This is why in the animal kingdom females only breed with alpha males so as to not allow such weak genes into the next generation. Such people don’t deserve offspring. Don’t waste your womb on such bottom beaches, this is why Africa is in a mess, we as women give every man even bottom beaches like these a chance to propagate their poor genes. Kuzalia wazungu ni kuokoa the next generation. This is what I have been singing here but today it has come from the horses mouth. A woman somewhere sat down and thought this man was worth risking her life having children for. BLACK WOMEN WE NEED TO DO BETTER AND WE NEED TO LOVE OURSELVES AND OUR CHILDREN AND FUTURE GENERATIONS. WE NEED TO CHOOSE BETTER. WE NEED TO PURGE THESE CHIMPANZEES OUT OF EXISTENCE.

Copied from @maghareb

Wacha watu waambiwe ukweli. Itauma for a few days halafu uzoe. Mimi nambianga wife akikutana na mzungu beta male ampende akubali kumpeleka mayolo na watoto, waende na amani but wanirushie dollars from time to time. While SIMPs would frown at my proposal the way my wife frowns, mimi najua at least watoto watakuwa na a chance at making it out of sheer hardwork compared to huku kwa vumbi. For that, I am willing to sacrifice my wife’s tired poosy. Same way a prey sacrifices itself to give its offsprings a chance for tomorrow huko kwa nyika.



Junguu all the way to paradise. Bure kabisa these chimpanzees

Hapo @magreb alideenyer point , he was talking about the limited resources in Kenya and general unfairness .
Truman capote no one needs your hole even if it’s offered for free on a Chinese plate , we all frown at your aged vagina. Meanwhile @Muthafari can lick it without inseminating you woke activist

By the way. Do you know unaweza kuwa na maisha poa huku Kenya kuliko hata kuliko msee ako majuu?

I lived in the west for 6 years and I can tell you that I have more disposable income here in Kenya than I was huko majuu.

… kwani maisha ni mbaya aje mpaka huyo mujamaa was contemplating pimping out his wife to Wazungu.

Huyo mujamaa awache uzembe anafaa atafutie famillia yake bila kuja kulalamikia elders hapa.

Had @PHARMACY not tagged me, ningekufa kama sijaona hii thread coz OP ni ghaseer niliblock kitambo sana. Then I happened on your reply that betrays your bush schooling and total lack of comprehension skills. Your attitude is the simple reason Africa will remain in the backwaters. Hatuna sense of tribe. Bora niko sawa everyone else can go hang. Halafu it is retarded kusema eti unaweza kuwa na maisha poa in a system where everything is broken down and we have private solutions to public problems. Kitu basic kama kuokota takataka na kupitisha maji ya sewage bado tunafanya mopango in the 21st century.
Rule of law ndio first cornerstone of any progressive society. You mess with that then inakuwa tuu just a matter of when and not if utafikiwa kwa your cocoon. Saa hii unaweza uliwa and the local OCS will be on TV dismissing your death as a “normal” robbery na unasahaulika hivyo tuu. Your life savings can be carted away na Dande wa Cyttonn na hakuna mahali utampeleka. In fact utamuona next kwa bunge. Naweza fungua night club mbele ya nyumba yako and the worst that would happen to me ni wewe kuhama. Imagine ujenge nyumba yako uishi huko for years kama ule mhindi wa westlands only for some busybody kuja kuibomoa for the simple reason that your lease has expired. Ukienda Lands office unapata file yako ilimea miguu. Let me not get started on how jobs are dished out. Watoi wanaanza game 3-0.
You are still happy living in a country where the president himuselefu is encouraging grabbers and general lawlessness?

My attitude and reasoning skills notwithstanding, I think you should look yourself in the mirror first.

Any man without a sense of dignity and honour should be the last person to cast such aspersions.

Just because you are poor doesn’t mean you shouldn’t respect yourself as a man.

The fact that you would contemplate pimping your wife to Caucasian men and akurushie dollars from time to time as you said, proves to me that Africa will indeed never develop with such stupid bonobos like you.

You are the type who will easily sell out his own people to foreigners because you have such an inferiority complex.

Ukizalisha bibi yako kwani hukujua Kenya kuna hizi shinda? Na hata huna aibu.

You should be the last person to talk about lawlessness or rule of law.

I mellowed time ya Kibaki na bado nakula balance though Uhuruto wametuonyesha what happens tukipiga kura na matako. As to the question of my wife’s tired pussy, sisemezeki na siambiliki. It is past its utility as far as I am concerned. So jitombe ukitaka sibanduki.