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Part 1,2 &3



‘I that you Collins?’ the moment you have all been waiting for is finally here. Is it you or me who was waiting for this moment, i don’t even know?
My mouth was dry, I could barely talk. Furthermore. talking would have raised suspicion, especially from the few thirsty girls that were still rubbing their genitalia. (“How does too many genitalia in one place smell like?”, a thirsty slay queen asked me in my inbox. ‘It smells like dry soil that has been rained on for the first time in months.’
‘Come here my dear,’ her voice called. Her voice massaged my eardrum with utmost sweetness. She had this kind of confusing voice that would make any man to spend his rend on her. She pulled off her blanket to reveal a serene body. Nothing was on her, she resembles a naked Eve before she was tempted to eat the forbidden. I don’t know if she will remain this beautiful all the way, because girls have this mysterious nature of turning ugly after sex. For instance, you sleep with Hudda Monre, after ejaculating for the third time, she mysterious starts resembling Miguna miguna on the plane to Canada,(Sorry General, it was not my intention to put your name in the same sentence with someone who sells beauty.)
Her nipples were erect already. I could tell she was already turned on even before i could lay my hands her, paraffin in githeri was not clearly working. Her perky tits, pointed at the tip and round at the base, were the most beautiful i have ever seen ( i have said this to all my ex and i will tell the same to my next girl, ata kaa atakuwa na size 42D).
Her curvy succulent lips were inviting. Her breathing intensified when our lips met for the first time. Her hair was smooth and so was the pubic hair that was around her genitalia. Her skin was as smooth as the backside off a toddler who has been unwrapped from diapers.
A soft morn escaped her lips when my finger rattled her clit, it was like i had awakened demons in her. She grabbed my head by the back and started kissing me vigorously. I don’t know if they taught them this art as part of the Reproduction topic, she was epic. She was wet. I deported my lips from hers and landed them onto her two Canadas. Her boobs were soft, 36BB was the size, perfect for my large basketball palms.
I pulled up her skirt and pulled down my trousers ( Am sure watu walienda day school hawajaelewa why i pulled of her skirt and yet she was naked) to reveal my running mate. She massaged it softly. I felt blood flow from the rest of my body towards my genitalia. (Now this is why i told you that a man with an erection does not use his brains because blood is constantly flowing to his dick instead of the brains. Sasa utaona mtu anafanya Medicine Chepareria University Collage pia ati anapingana na mimi).
‘I am ready my dear,’ she said. Boy-child chungana sana na msichana anakuambia I am ready. Just as i was about to bisect her labia with my dick, someone spoke.
"You are ready for what?’ the voice asked. I freezed, at that moment, MAN WAS NOT HOT. My dick shrinked My brains came back to senses like SKRAAA pu pu pu, and my heart pumped blood to my brains like Ta! Ta!Ta!

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Kwani it’ s morning dose ama? Apo saitani amekutembelea na mpaka majirani my friend.

i pulled of her skirt and yet she was naked:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

one plus one is two

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SKRAAA pu pu pu

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u pulled down yr trouser na ulikua umevaa skirt???

Oya! Part 5 iko wapi???

Part 5???