This story is NOT GOOD readers under the age of
18, and those who are holier.
Val pulled off her rob, Val, to reveal nothing
underneath. Even in darkness, I could see her
tear-drop boobs (my favorite boob shape, bell
shape ain’t bad either) beckoning me. ‘Come baby
come’ and the baby was ready to be deported to
her Canaan. Her body was like Canaan, the land
that many were promised, but only I reached. A
soft moan escaped her divine lips when my
tongue landed on her puffy nipples, (still my
favorite, inverted nipples ain’t bad either) She
pulled my head closer to her boobs while
massaging my head.
For a moment I thought Doreen had withdrawn
from the race, until her soft hands reached my
shaft. She bend down on her knees and allowed
my dick to bisect her mouth lips. The feeling was
electrifying, it felt like she was sucking my brains,
my bone marrow, I was boiling inside, I wanted
to explode inside her mouth like a volcano.
Val was wet already. Her river was overflowing,
bushes around the river were flooded, the only
thing remaining was me to dive inside her river
and sink deep like Eric Omondi. Her pussy was
like a tulip, which resembled a blooming flower.
Her pussy lips were beefy with a longer labia
minora, the kind that is found in Wakanda.
Doreen’s grip on my hands was tight while she
pumped her lips up and down my dick. Where
did she learn this? Probably while playing cha
mama and kolongolo or their houseboy must
have been a lucky man. With every pump, I would
feel my cum boiling inside my balls, the size that
could only be rivaled by eric omond’s. ‘Calculate
the volume of water that was displaced by eric
Omondi’s balls alone when he dived into the
river’, I guess such were the kind of questions Val
and Doreen encountered in their Physics papers.
I exploded a volume of cum similar to the
amount of the river water that was displaced by
Omondi’s balls into her mouth. She chocked.
Val was lying on her back on the next bed, with
her legs wide open,like the wallet of an ugly
sponsor who is in company of a beautiful slay
queen. While Doreen wiped the cum off her chest
and face, I spread Val’s labia with my finger. I
inserted one finger inside her pussy. She was wet
and warm, a favorable climate for farming. She
moaned when I bend my finger up wards to
locate the spongy spot on the walls of her inner
vigina. One of my other hand massaged her clit,
which was as hard as all of you are right now.
Her body was shaking, her pussy was boiling. Her
breathing intensified, then like a cyclone, she
exploded, tones of tones of cum, I guess it would
have been enough to feed the whole school as
porridge the following morning. I sighed, I had
achieved at the age of seventeen what many have
failed in life, make a woman cum. I felt like a
king, the slayer. I felt like walking out of the
dormitory, ring the bell, and wake up everyone
from the dorm section, so that we would fuck on
every bed in the dormitory. I was still erect,
thinking with my dick, and I was going to ring the
bell, but Doreen pulled my head on her pussy.
My lips met hers, my tongue met her clit. I rolled
my tongue and sucked the juicy off her pussy.
She moaned when my tongue tickled her clit, she
pulled my head onto to her pussy with much
force that I barely had time space to breathe,
thank God kids inside pussy don’t suffocate,
because there is oxygen inside there. Then in one
long electrifying shudder, she let go off her hot
cum, fell on her back while Val grabbed my dick
and directed it towards her pussy from the back.

Nani ako na lemon tuongeze kwa hii kachumbari

Yaani hii hekaya haikuwai isha?

Niko na avocado

Shamba ya Galana kulalu…ama ni Lukaku, ni pesa ngapi?

Mimi najua bei ya Mwea Tebere pekee

nani ako na number ya simu ya Ferdinand waititu anisaidie


niko na number ya kabogo, anyone who needs it?

Mazee hapo sijui ama ni creativity ama ni photographic memory… but kukumbuka so much detail about a escapade sio kawaida hehehh

Natafuta funding was viatu

Mvua inanyesha huku


at the age of 17