When good tidings come from the least expected places

One of my monthly hobbies inakuwanga kuenda Tororo ama Mbale on a road trip

Like both pairs of your lips. Morning

@Masood nice hekaya but it’s strange that you identify every single person in your hekaya by their tribe

:oops::Dmorning, si we just stay home today?


Oh how I wish… but you know your skin tone ain’t gonna maintain itself. I need to bring in the bacon and burgers just for you

Thread derailers detected


:D:D:D:D:D 2009 tulipanga kuenda kampala kufika hapo Jinja nilinyandua kadem mbaya sanaa tukaona kampala ni mbali na job ni monday . memories noma ntaleta hekaya

From Kimilili Kampala should be only 5 hours away

This is definitely a ktalk certified illness.:D:D

All those places @shoti_mzito has been to courtesy of his wife. His first time in Kampala he slept in a dingy hotel in Mukono Seeta. Look what marrying well does to people.

In order to avoid Names. So kwa ubaya

Yaani you had to mention me here coz of the UG connection? Anyway, there’s a reason why they call me @shoti_mzito, and that’s the main reason my Ugandan wife stuck on my d!ck from the good ferk I gave her the first time we went to bed…

I probably know UG as well as you do but your handle is easier to tag coz you can relate