When Does He Work

How do his employees even respect him. Boss kiherehere kama mumama



Lamba anus bila kusumbua

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Ngima nene itina you must really love the sound of your own voice because your head is an empty void with a rushing wind.


He is coming from poverty. He wants to do everything now, live his dream life now, drive his dream car now, before he slides back to poverty. He is driven by fear.

People with this type of energy flame out really badly. He’s gonna do something really stupid with his big mouth one day.


Anus licker, lamba anus za Christmas zipatikane. Nimekuekea mti yako ya :christmas_tree: tayari, hata unaweza chukua na lipa mdogo mdogo as you lick more anus pesa ipatikane


Very good observations:
…have local mindsets and dont wanna involve in systems or sink money.
Most of small time dealers “want to sell cars”, period. No innovation , zero dedication and very small mindsets.

Tell an average dealer to invest Kes 1M on a good website na atasema you are “wasting” money.

Tell an average showroom to invest Kes 1M in Youtube equipment for vlogging or 4M in a good office, they will say its not worth it.

You wanna underpay your staff, deny commissions but you expect massive profit. Double standards

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