When does a man know?

Just an idle thought. When does a man get to know that his engine cannot start without being jump-started? In other words how does a man know that he needs to take Viagra and the like to get John going? @Mundu Mulosi you look old enough to be using erection-inducing drugs. Tell the crowd how you first came to know that you needed them. Asande @Mundu Mulosi in advance

Meanwhile let’s fuck, use drugs if you must but let’s fuck. We don’t give up till we dead and buried or burnt or whatever other ritual used to dispose of the dead.

Leta hekaya vile umeshindwa kuamsha na kunguru amejipatiana

Ukisbindwa kupiga mkojo brake anza kumeza blue pills brazza…

@Mundu Mulosi hana makende

In every man’s lifetime it’s expected to get a few. No need for Viagra : just a few days and you shall be fine.

How did you know?

It’s not hard…that’s how.

when you no longer get morning wood

Getting a hard-on is mental boss…you cannot expect to have a hard-on and you are thinking of your troubled life, madeni galore etc…let your mind relax and your penis will function

Quit the junk food, stay occupied, shida kwisha.