When did olx start charging for adverts???

Last week I was looking to employ a fellow Kenyan, so I went to olx and posted an ad. Kidogo hivi my phone started ringing non-stop, messages pia ndio hizo zinaingia kwa fujo. So I decided to deactivate the ad and deal with the ones who had already shown interest.

Unfortunately, none out of aaaaaaaaall those who had ringed or texted me met the (surprisingly low, in my opinion) standards I had set. So I went back and reactivated the ad. I got a few more calls and texts, then all went silent. THEN, I got a message from olx, telling me there was something wrong with my ad bla bla bla…please click on this link to rectify it.

Kuklick hivi, I was taken to a section where I was told my ad had been deactivated by a moderator (ukistaajabu ya Kenyatalk utaona ya olx). I was then urged to “click here for more info”. Mark you bado sijaona dalili za clit, lakini nikakrick tena. That’s when I came face to face with this message:
So has olx been charging people for the “privilege” of posting ads on their platform? I thought it was free to post ads there? I mean, obviously it’s a business and they have to make money but I think this is the wrong way to go about it.
Anyway, I uninstalled that app coz it’s now useless to me. I found an employee using other means.

For those who’re too busy building the nation to read all of this, the entire thread can be summarized in two words: Ferk olx.

He he. This is not going to make them a lot of money. They should heed my advice from several months back

OLX has run out of patience with Kenyans. Despite spending such huge amount on advertising there is no or little ROI. Their inspired business model… ‘free until everyone is in and dependent on it’ has been over-shadowed by emergence of non-contemporary media alternatives like whatssup, telegram, old timer facebook and the like. Now they have 2 options. They go free and forget about making any money/ they cash-in and make even if it’s small amount hence such.

It is better to have few adverts but from serious individuals. Being free made the website crowded with useless ads, some people sell items and they do not deactivate their ads. I think this the way to go, but 500 bob is a lot for some adverts like phone.

That’s a very good suggestion. There are so many ways these guys can make money. They can charge people who want their ads to appear top whenever someone searches for something. Those guys who sell items on olx I’m sure won’t mind paying. Lakini I wonder why someone who is offering jobs would pay for an ad when there are so many desperate people looking for jobs.

Maybe the Kenyan unit has been instructed to meet certain targets, but I just don’t see this working out long term.

Some of the most successful companies (Facebook, whatsapp, Google etc) have gotten where they are by implementing the freemium model. Give the masses a free product and if they really like it they’ll be more than willing to sign up for premium options.
OLX as it is doesn’t offer such a unique product. Kaymu for example basically does the same thing, only better.
Olx to me looks disorganized. Sometimes you find what you’re looking for in the search results but when you click you’re told the ad is no longer available. So what was it doing in the search results?
Furthermore, if you chase away the sellers with your charges, the buyers will also disappear.

Eric omondi alikula pesa Yao na akakimbia


Unfortunately, none out of aaaaaaaaall those who had ringed or texted me met the (surprisingly low, in my opinion) standards I had set.

Birds are ringed for research, employers with extremely high standards are rung by applicants.

Like Pigiame, it does this.

It’s just for jobs. Not the other items

They have run out of ideas and lost their market space to telegram

Haha, patikana. English can be a bitch sometimes…ring, rang, rung, [SIZE=1]ringed…[SIZE=4]anyway, there’s always room for improvement.[/SIZE][/SIZE]