When did Daniel Moi become a kenyan messiah?

So, I happened to land on the FB page of one Daniel Moi. I want to believe this is not a parody account.

What really got me pissed off is the kind of sycophantic parroting exhibited by Kenyans, some calling the former president the best thing that ever happened to Kenya.

In deed, our standards are pathetically low. Or is it a parody account? Even then, are these opinions genuine?

Here are the parrots:


upuss…moi atatoa wapi time ya u-total?

Kenyans have short memories. This dude ran the country to the ground. No order to anything. Never attempted to fix anything. As a matter of fact I doubt he ever understood any issues affecting any citizen. Just one of those people who wore a suit to be called a president.

Moi within the context of Africa politics was the best ever. We are still an economy powerhouse within the region and our security force is based on structure overseen by him and we never went to war. He is pride to the history of this country.

Dude had a rudimentary understanding of issues whether political financial scientific etc. Did u ever see him answer an interview question?

Only president najua alifanya every kenyan have access to free education (education they are using to hate him), electricity to rural areas, and a look at development in another angle. Kenyans said he stole elections, but i don’t care, he was the best president we ever had. Maybe we will have another time will tell, president Emilio Mwai wa Kibaki.

Fb is filled with guys born in the 90s to early 2000s,there is your answer

Moi ruled from the heart. Which led to Kenya getting fcuked.

Maybe Kenya would be so much developed if that moi phase was taken up by someone like kibaki

Even Bokassa,Taylor,Pol Pot…had sycophants.

MO1 was an unfortunate chapter in Kenya’s history, sorry to say.

They could have brought up kikuyu factor then… I never understand people.

Moi’s intentions were good until the 82 coup happened, and they became bad.
They were bad in the 80’s until agitation for multi party democracy started, and they worsened.
They were worse untill the repeal of section 2a after which the intentions became a nightmare for this country.
The last 10 years of his misrule completely reversed all the little economic growth and development if any, that Kenya had achieved over his first 14 years.

Those mofo are below 20years, they don’t have an idea how people suffered in the hands of Mtukutu rais…

Baba Moi was good at keeping the egos of his fellow politicians in check. He was a tribalist but at the same time a nationalist. True Ukabila emerged after his retire.
He was also Mwizi No. 1
The kids commenting there grew up in this era of tribal personality cults and to them he is the biggest of those.

Anybody who says Moi was a great leader prolly needs to check himself into Mathare. The greatest leader this countr has had so far is Mzee Jomo Kenyatta - evrything you see today was established in his time. Between 1968-1974 Kenya was the second fastest growing country in the world. People forget that at independence we had very little - no army, no navy, no airforce, no Starehe Boys, no KWS, no NYS, no KICC (built around 1971), no UN in Kenya etc etc. Jomo made it all happen.

The average economic growth rate during his 15 years was 7 per cent. During Moi’s? 2.4 per cent. Most of the public companies Kenyatta established were looted to the ground during Moi’s time. KCC. Kenya National Assurance. Kenya Meat Commission. Even KPLC, a monopoly was about to collapse.

Moi a great leader?


sawa Ngabu but something is happening to you nowadays that i am beginning to worry…

Starehe Boys’ Centre and School was founded in 1959…
halafu prolly ni short ya umbrella kama imesemwa kwa kiluhya yaani umprella?

What kenyatta had was due to the efforts of the white man. He may have integrated African interests afterwards but the transition was still done in slow manner. Even as people say that our economy was equal to that of Malaysia during that time is just being disillusioned, taking in mind the whites still played big deal in our system for the next 10years. Full African government came in force few years after moi become president and the rest is history.

I respect the fella coz alipatia obako vila vita na if 82 mlimchokoza ?

My only fond memory of the Moi era is maziwa ya Nyayo.