when corruption fights back: EACC Obtains Court Order to Access Auditor-General's Accounts

Anti-corruption commission officials have secretly obtained a court order to access the personal bank accounts of Auditor-General Edward Ouko in an intriguing revelation that puts a new twist to investigations of alleged corruption, nepotism and abuse of office by the official.

The Nation has learnt that the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) obtained an ex-parte court order (given without the presence of Mr Ouko) on June 24 to investigate the Auditor-General’s accounts dating back to January 2012.

“Now, [B]I authorise Kariuki Waweru, an investigator with EACC or other investigator duly appointed by the applicant, by this warrant to investigate the said accounts and to require the production for his scrutiny of any such bank book/B, original cheques, account opening documents, bank statements from January 1, 2012 to May 24, 2016, both soft and hard copies, mandate cards, EFT instruction letters, disbursement authorisations, schedules and statements and to take copies of any relevant entry or matter in such books,” the ex-parte order of June 24 reads.

Sources say investigators have since been approaching managers in banks where Mr Ouko conducts private transactions seeking details. Mr Ouko has, in the last few years, been the subject of criticism from Jubilee politicians who accuse him of releasing reports questioning expenditure that give the Opposition ammunition to attack the government.


But the criticism took a dramatic turn last month during a State House summit on corruption and governance when President Uhuru Kenyatta told Mr Ouko off for planning to visit America’s Federal Reserve Bank to investigate how the Eurobond money was spent. A few days later, reports emerged that EACC commissioners had rejected recommendations to prosecute Mr Ouko over alleged procurement irregularities.

Chief Executive of the commission Halakhe Waqo confirmed to the Nation that they are investigating the Office of the Auditor-General. But he denied they were targeting Mr Ouko or “any other individual”.

“Yes, there is an investigation since 2013 following accusations of theft of over Sh100 million. But we are not targeting any one individual. We are investigating many officers in the Kenya National Audit Office and other institutions as well. So what’s so special about the Auditor-Generals’ office? As far as EACC is concerned, all investigations are equal and we do not treat any of them as more important than the other,” he said.

Mr John Githongo, a former anti-corruption chief in former President Mwai Kibaki’s office, said the investigation is not surprising.


"Mr Ouko and the Office of the Auditor General have been the victims of systematic harassment for some time. This is usually indicative of their effectiveness. The integrity of the OAG is such that they wouldn’t worry about this unless there is a systematic effort to cook up evidence against them," said Mr Githongo.

He believes that the harassment arises from the independence of his office and the sensitivity of some of its investigations which have caused political discomfort.

“In Kenya’s history Auditors- General have been starved of funds and harassed when their work has stopped powerful people from stealing or made it difficult to cover-up the evidence of theft,” said Mr Githongo, adding that he hopes the government machinations against Mr Ouko won’t succeed.

Besides Mr Ouko’s personal accounts, EACC has also written to the Auditor-General informing him that they are interested in looking at the personnel recruitment in the Kenya National Audit Office since he assumed office. The investigations are in addition to a technology procurement issue the commission has been investigating since 2013.

Despite the scolding from the Head of State, Mr Ouko is understood to have eventually travelled to New York about two weeks ago to follow the trail of the Sh280 billion raised from the Eurobond.

source : http://www.nation.co.ke/news/eac-secretly-obtains-order-to-access-auditor-general-s-accounts/1056-3442322-5qh7gn/index.html

huu sasa ni ujinga

Choices have consequences. He chose impartiality instead of nyama. Let him pay the price.

Let the Jubilee fratboys come.


I want to set a bait, watch …


The auditor, in the same fashion, style and manner, should now carry out a forensic audit of EACC from the time Waqo came to its helm. No one is clean. Checkmate.

Ala where are those stupid mungich types wakuje watetee chupi-lee

Is this the same EACC that was unable to access Gov. Kidero Account, and that other Mkamba Guy working for City Hall, who is said to be worth of billions.
Uhuruto, u are on the right track, to be driven out of town by a very angry Citizenry.

Hii sasa ni ushenzy

:D:D It doesn’t get this far lately in any thread before Rairaaaa…

Since he is the auditor-general he is infallible. Stupid cordmorons. He is a public servant, and is not above scrutiny.

Auditors are the most corrupt people anywhere for pretty obvious reasons.
Many companies pay huge bribes to get favorable audit reports.
Why would it be surprising if Ouko has been receiving some to cover up some reports?
It isn’t that far fetched or is it?
Think people think.
Stop being blinded by political positions.

What this A-G does is not what an objective officer should do. He has obvious ODM leanings and is not even ashamed to leak unfinished reports to the hapless media.

Brings to mind that ODM judge Odunga and his odd rulings.

Jubilee and CORD are just one and the same thing.

Anybody who goes against the grain is definitely rooting for the other side.

They totally ignore the other side… TRUTH.

why the furk does everything have to be politicized?

There is the CORD side, JUBILEE side and the TRUTH.

Unfortunately if the Truth hurts either of the two political factions, the messenger is branded a stooge

Does the FBI call you for a court hearing when they apply for a warrant to tap your phone? enter and search your home? Investigate your accounts for money laundering and/or income from illegal sources? No, Sir, they only have to demonstrate to a judge a probable cause.
The war on corruption will not be won if we wear blinkers. As long as we suffer from the Mtu Wetu syndrome.

@Some Say i am sure you really felt nice about yourself calling people stupid mungich boys…you have made your contribution to the fight against corruption…

My problem is with the timing, they probably want to disrupt his current activities or show him who’s boss. I’m sure he’s not 100% clean and after this ‘threat’ he’ll surely have to tone down. No one else to speak up, Kenya is fucked.

You cannot be serious.

I feel the only thing wrong with the timing in this case is the release of the above report. do you think alijua wiki jana kwamba he has been under investigation yet the warrant was issued June 24. My reading is that he released the information to the media to play victim after the president put him in the spotlight and most probably (note that this is pure speculation) he knows EACC have unearthed something that may lead to his being charged or being subjected to a tribunal…

@gashwin I felt good juu even if it was dim eyes in power I would have commented thus: where are those stupid dim eyed orangutangs. Babuon and Kamwana dont have the balls to fight corruption. Both chupilee and cordmorons will have corruption scandals and nothing will be done. In the next general elections my vote will be a protest one… Will vote for Diba if he is standing again.