When buying Supplements.

The ability of a drug or other substance to be absorbed and used by the body. Orally bioavailable means that a drug or other substance that is taken by mouth can be absorbed and used by the body.

Oxides are at the bottom of availability scale, some like Calcium Oxide pass thru your body with zero absorption.
When acquiring your supplements, check also what blocks and aids their absorption. Case in point , Turmeric, which is poorly absorbed by the body, but once consumed together with black pepper, it’s bioavailability jumps to X20 plus.

Are supplements good or bad? Must maintain high levels of fitness and endurance at all times.

They’re called supplements, because they supplement the deficiencies in one’s diet. For instance, if you work at night, or you are indoors most of the times, you may end up being Vitamin D deficient, also, keep in mind Nyeuthi absorb minimal amounts of V-D from sunlight, hence the need to supplement.

Supplements will definetely make you feel much better because of the fact that nowadays most people don’t get the full ration of vitaming and minerals due to many different factos such as working conditions, way of life, food preferences and so on. I actually, have no idea whether to trust the information from this post or not, I just follow the instructions which goes together with supplements and that’s fine. It is also important not to overdo with supplements. Some people are mistaken by thinking that the more vitamins they take, the better. It is not the thing about organism and too few and too many vitamins can tell on out health in quite a negative way. You just need to find a golden mean.

The market will always cater for your pocket. That’s why you’ll always find price variances for the same product.

But only the Blacks who stay in Europe and USA. It’s true we need sunshine, but we get it aplenty huku Africa provided we take the recommended time out. Otherwise no need of most supplements marketing lures us to buy. Plus watch out for B12…

We do need to do tests and check if we are deficient, otherwise don’t use supplements before a doctor’s subscription. You may end up wasting your resources and health.

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