when are we settling down?

Why are men loosing interest in settling down?
when should one settle in this age of civilization?

No settling, keep moving.

NV olewa bana wacha usumbufu

Naskia kusettle watu waliachia dust…

kamisi nyinyi:cool:

Siku hizi inaitwa mysterious juu hii game ya “unasettle when” nimeicheza chini kama ocean floor pale Mariana trench

You do something when the benefits outweigh the costs.

Benefits- cost analysis :D:D:D

You don’t just dwell on return of investment

Dont wait for too long. Life flies very fast especially kama unponda raha. You dont want to find yourself in a situation where you will be dropping your kid in School and everyone else assumes you are the grandfather:D

Only settle down when you meet the right person for YOU! Focus on where you are aiming to achieve together. Any red flags please don’t think you can fix it.
Else wacha hiyo maneno kapsaaaaaaaaaa.