When Africans Reigned Supreme In Europe & Asia

“Moor” is which means children of light and can also be translated as sons of civilization, are the black kings and Black Queens who colonized Europe for four hundred years and helped to convey with carrying current progress to them.The Moors were the first Africans to arrive in Europe, in Andalusia Spain in 711 AD.
This military-led through Tariq ibn-Ziyad crossed the Strait of Gibraltar from northern Africa and invaded the Iberian Peninsula.

Ancient Coins used in Greece
They conquered the whole of Spain and finally pressured a part of Italy into subjugation.
These Black Moors dominated Spain for a period of 300 hundred years after which they expanded into Europe, ruling the continent for altogether for seven-hundred years.Basil Davidson, a British student of history, records that there were no terrains in the eighth century that were more respected by its neighbors or a more agreeable spot to live in, than a rich African civilization developed in Spain.


The author Shakespeare expounded on these individuals in his plays; Othello, Corielanus, As you like it, and so on.
The most popular books of the fields are viewed as fundamentally in German. It is trusted that the English either changed their rendition or basically obliterated the books.

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We ruled Spain, Portugal and parts of Greece for 700 years

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All the coins in Greece at that time bore Negro Kings and Emperors

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Every 5 to 10 thousand years there is a Cataclysmic event that happens and resets Humans back to Stone age. The Mayans, Aztecs, Egyptians, Babylonians, etc were at the peak of civilization during their hay days but were all eliminated and they went to the graves with their Ancient Technologies.

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Explain then all those coins from Greece bearing Negro Kings.
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In my perusal of history from different sources, it becomes evident that time as related by conventional history is not continuous. When you scrutinise documents, coins and other dated mementos from the so-called 16th to 19th century, you notice the years depicted as either, e.g I658, I750 or J589, J820. The first character is not a number in those years.

There’s a Russian author, Anatoly Fomenko, who has written extensively on the subject, proving that any history before 15th century is fabricated. Another author, James W Lee in. His. Book ‘The OneWorld Tartarians’ demonstrates, with a lot of evidence, that in the recent past, there. Was once a very advanced worldwide civilisation, also predominantly black, that was way developed than the most current developed country, remnants of which were wiped out during World War 2 though some of their building still survive to this day and one of their distinct characteristics is having tall, huge doors and windows.

Another reference is a you tube guy with a channel called ‘Divergent’ who has so much photographic evidence pointing to the fact that our current civilisation started its history around the year 1800. Any record claiming to be of our civilisation that is dated earlier than that is probably a forgery.


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