when a Mwoman throws the 1st punch during Argument then the man has every right to nyorosha m2

violence shouldn’t be tolerated, period

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Mrs4letter angekuwa wife wangu ningekuwa nanyorosha daily

…Mkamba detected…

You mean kuna households kama hizo jameni?The only thing mama anaweza fanya ni ku rant kwa whatsap but face to face hawezi labda anyamaze tu.

Wewe troll tu. :):slight_smile:

So you’re sa

so you are saying men behave like barbarians? Which ones? Coz the ones around me do not throw cups and rolling pins, and someone who does that actually has anger issues, alafu ukimpiga, hiyo vita itarudisha damu yako kwa mwili??? Two wrongs do not make a right.

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I meant if a woman hurts a man badly mpaka damu ivuje, the man should just take her bullshit and pass out without putting up a fight? Or, you mean there are no violent women in this country?

Wapi?! I carried with me for 5months, zero action! Then i read how keeping them in the wallet degrades the latex. I tupad it.

Walking away?

Hehehe that would never happen, how would we get to the point of marriage with the kind of reasoning you have? Your thinking and mine… Worlds apart!

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Defend and walk away if possible

An abusive relationship isnt worthy.



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Defend yourself but dont go on the offensive against a woman, you can not always prove you are the man, diffiuse the situation and get done with it.


she can rant call me names and I will let her vent or walk out but a big but if she pokes my head or throws a slap she has crossed the ole lenkuan red line and invited fire. Fire begets fire


My thinking and @Jirani’s is also worlds apart… Could this mean ours is closer :p:p:p:)

Wewe kama unaishi na wazimu, si ulijua umeoa kitu gani? Vumilia, otherwise ukizidi kuchapa kisha unalala naye, next time tutakuja mazishi ya tranfoma yako ikiwa imekeketwa:D:D:D:D:D
Na pia hizo ndizo effects za kutafuta dame juu ana haga, sura, rangi ya thao etc badala ya kutafuta tabia


He he labda esp since you are a good cook :wink:

Hapa umenigusa pahali omwami… Kuna time niliwachanga dem mpoa sana aliolewa last year… nikaendea kengine ka-cute lakini kanasmoke shisha na kunywa tu-Heineken hope it doesn’t come to bite me.

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