When a Lying Kunguru is Determined to Destroy You

I got this recommendation from a friend and it gave me chills just how much some women are willing to go just to destroy a man. Be the judge and stay safe!!


Feminism ndio inawaongoza. Umama mwingi

What happens to the lady once the truth comes out?

These types are every where na ni sumu. I once had a subordinate who had an eye on me but alikua kiatu so haikuweza. After nimlenge baada ya kunitupia masigns ka zote, alinigeuzia kwa HR hadi nikastuka. Sijui namwonea mara sijui mi ni mrude kwake…blah blah. Akaleta tention kwa workplace…kukakua toxic. But alpha ni nani, tunapambana nao venye wanakwom.

Hydra, I have not watched the findio as it lasts 60 mins but this shit.s happens and it is a crime kwenye niko. When the truth clearly comes out she should do some time in the pen.

That woman will not serve time in prison.

This one wanted to destroy a whole family - her boyfie and his dad, too vicious.

Hii ndio uzuri ya kenya. Ungekuwa american ungekuwa fired on the spot. In the West the word of a woman is believed until you produce evidence.

When ever you suffer at the hands of a gf/bf hata polisi hukwambia enda home mujisort. You choose her, so beba msalaba for your poor choice and discernment. Kwani wewe ni mtoto huwezi jua mtu mbaya. I blame him 100%.

Angekuwa fired ama angekuwa sued for sexual harassment??

Na kama kawa @Truman Makende will support that bitch

Kweli kabisa…good thing uku vitu ni different.

@trueman is gifted with great inability to think. Kipawa cha ajabu

Many guys suffering under these conditions, that guy’s suffering is tip of iceberg, these cunts are just giving the case lipservice. The only thing going on here is BLOWING THE HORN FOR THE POLICE WOMAN who ati SAVED the guy. Everything wrong. Woman living in your house, nyumba umejenga. Anaishi na boyfriend yake na watoto watatu huko, sio watoto wako. Unaenda kuishi kwa mamako. Woman is given three years in prison, and two of those years at home. Men in the west fed up with this fakkin nonesense will get to the proverbial last straw, waanze kuamka, wakifika critical mass, they will get up one day, raze the fucking system to the ground and kill all these cunts.

They are almost there. Reason why Trump and the far right is taking hold. Imagine had Hillary won the kind of bullshit the world would have had to deal with


Onge bandos

Hapo ndo mahali I support Trump

I also support him for exactly the same reason. Men built civilizations. We cannot allow women to bring the same down.

kwanza vile kunguru ilikuwa inataka kuangusha yeye najua aliona upus hiyo yote lazima aachane nayop