When a kunguru demands for 3500

I better buy such a boot rather than spend ksh 3500 on a borehole…3500 ni mshahara ya siku tatu ya mwanaume anashinda mjengo…[ATTACH=full]281981[/ATTACH]


Wengine siwezimind

Pia hiyo iko safi

Naeza pata wapi?


Hehehe… mbona umedelete thread screen shots ziko.

thread gani?

cheza na mimi inbox


Wah people have questionable tastes… yuck!! I would rather walk barefoot than wear some of those shoes! No wonder ktalk is a ngay paradise. Ptooh!

Klia mboro

Made in Turkey

Looks basic

If the lady is pretty and has a tight hole, I don’t mind even spending 20k. But not an ugly borehole

Clickbait nkt!

you did not have to post this timberland boot… i have little regard for someone who still wears this boot. its a trademark of wannabes and thugs. remember that dandora expose of thugs? indeed they all owned this shoe and a pair of certain open shoe.

hio boot yangu unaionaje

Hizo tiles manze! Wewe ni kama unaishi githurai.

labda anakaa kwakwe badala ya kuwaste fare na lavish apartments …never judge a man…

Customs walikula ngapi? Ni animal hide ama ni synthetic leather?