Wheels keep falling- Kisiis next




Kisii is locked as per @Okiya

Parties left right and center, Question is who’ll lead the party?? Ata Mudavadi ana party, usisahau TipTip ya kalembe. Party leaders ndo issue. In 2027 maybe people will look more at the manifestos


Pesa ya arap mashamba is working now to split CORD. How come all the cord strong holds are talking of creating one strong tribal party at the same time ??

A lot of people may be realizing that realistically , CORD assembled as it is with Raila trying to run does not have a chance. And it is costing those regions a lot in terms of development because those regions are viewed as pro opposition and projects are not thrown their way. All this because they support 1 man.

It’s high time kenyans have to vote people out who don’t perform . Was surprised that luo land is the only region in kenya that picks some mpigs that aren’t tribal.there is a muindi senator and a somali mpig.also there are others from different ethnicity .let’s go to central excluding meru, can you expect the same especially kikuyu region? Can they pick someone non kikuyu ?

It has always been my argument that a msapere will always only pick a msapere for any position. This is a fact. That’s why Ruto will not win in 2022. Msaperes will not pick him as long as another msapere runs. I have been butchered in ktalk for this argument. I am glad I am not the only one who sees symptoms of this argument. I am not tribal by any means btw. But facts and reality and always facts.

So many people do see it.the only fact is that they have the resources to make them sail through any chwllenges .They are the wealthiest kenyans so buying luhyans like ababu off from cord is no problem ,forcing kisii to form one party under Chris obure no problem ,

Btw I have mentioned in other blogs,watch this guy called peter kenneth for 2022 .he is kikuyu with no typical kikuyu name ,so he is namely acceptable to most kenyans. They are grooming him now.

Richard Tuta? Ama wacha tu

2022 :D:D seems 2017 has already been decided

Ngoja homecoming ya Bosire uone vile kisii iko locked

Whenever these politicians do such events, they take ksh 200 and give to each youth over 18 who cares to attend. I personally have relatives and friends who walk 15 kilometers to receive such funds. So yeah u will count bought masses at the homecoming. Lakini Kisii Nyanza is heading south. In the last general election, Raila got 70-75% of votes in Kisii. jomo got 30%. You can ngugu . It’s not even that Kisii was guaranteed for Rao in the first place. Even worse Jomo has chipped in on that 70%.

2017 is already done. even ababu is playing 2022 politics

@simiyu,let them vie without babuon blessing and see how far they will go,if baba endorses a dog in luo land it will win with a landslide

Yes the dog will win in Luoland and only there. The dynamics have changed. They could easily sell their votes to Jubilee in wholesome. You see in Kisii Obure was Raila’s main man. Raila’ s man is in an antiRaila meeting. True Charles Nyachae is trying to vie for governorship against Ongwae who is ODM. So there is a conflict of OBure, Nyachae ever coming together without some restructuring.

Ooooohhhhh! It’s what you to meeeeeee. Ooohh, it’s what you do to meee.

how do you suppose people are picked? in a democracy, you present yourself for elective positions and depending on what u sell, people will either elect or reject you. Could you care to name 5 non Kikuyu’s who have presented themselves for elections in Kikuyu dominated areas with the right party and were rejected?