Tonight an extended family comprising brothers, sisters, cousins, their uncles and their older children is in extreme distress after one of the cousins, a widow approaching 40, posted a full xvideos clip and then she’s off radar. one of the cousin’s who is the admin says only the poster can pull down the clip (i have never bothered to learn how those things work:D). hizi fads za social media ni balaa.

Wacha rela asafishe mesho!!!

Si ni adults? Wawatch porn bila kutusumbua

:D:D:D, Okay, she is in the experimental midlife crisis.

and she better delete it fast because after some hours the deletion can’t happen.

This happens in family Whatsapp groups all the time mpaka tumezoea…There was a time my cousin sent a clip of a disease ridden vagina and doctors were cleaning out the maggots…ochola moments.


  1. Nani amekuuliza?
  2. Sasa tufanyaje?
  3. Unakufa lini?

:D:D:D:D:D:D… its not a big deal most adults watch porn. Ao wanajifanya kushtuka wamechangikia io video vibaya.

They can delete it themselves. Lakini WhatsApp can simply introduce a feature to preview the message before sending. This stumble is very common now.

Niaje midget

he he…wewe unajua we are talking three generations of a family?

Kuna option ya kudelete from all…
At that age the society doesn’t expect her to remarry yet ako na mahitaji…this is the aftermath deal with it. She is just trying to tell you she needs a husband :D:D.

i hear only after watching…right? their biggest fear is that the elders (one of whom is a pastor) will watch.

Sasa atakuwa anaitwa ‘Tata ule wa Ngwati’

YES iko but it only lasts for a while then itakuwa delete for you alone

:D:Dacha kukuwa oblivious, nyang’au.

Kuna siku in my drunk escapades I wrote a very Randy text that was intended for my gal and accidentally sent it to my younger aunt( Siz ya mathe last born she was like 37 yrs so she still in the loop kushikanisha most of the what I wrote) waah kesho yake I had to write an apology SMS suffice to say I ensured that two clean years elapsed before we met again and the incident was never talked about although I still feel embarrassed up to date! Siku hizi nikirewo Mimi hapana andika text or chat !

Thanks to my OCD I can’t relate to hii maneno.

even me…OCD level iko extreem…

Adults doing adult things…:D:D:D:D