Whatsapp Is On To Get A Feature That Group Admins Will Hate

According to the reports fromWABetainfo, WhatsApp is now workingon a new featurethat willact asa time bomb for annoying Group admins but will be loved by group members.The newfeature is known as
“Dismiss As Admin”
and in this, any group admin can revoke other admin authority without removing them from the group.
The latest feature is known as “Dismiss As Admin” will allow one group admin to dismiss another, without removing him/her from the group chats. It’s worth to note that beforethis, it was required to remove the person from the group and adding them again to revoke its group admin features.
Before this, the privileges enjoyed by group adminsis that only they are allowed to add/remove participants to an existingchat.
Similarly, only a group admin can remove participants from group chats.The new feature is right now available on the beta version of WhatsApp 2.18.12.
see screenshot at www.tellheart.com

Boda boda operators have been banned fron accessing the CBD starting tomorrow. Finally Sonko ameanza kufanya kazi.


Step in the right direction. Next thing is hawkers.

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.nv chieth[ATTACH=full]152050[/ATTACH]


Narok kuna mvua Leo?

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:D:D Huyo ni @Abba na ile utambi yake yenye huwa anaita Megapack…


sijui kama kumenyesha coz niliwacha dark clouds, but area ya Kamandura kulikuwa na drizzle…

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Watolewe wote…kidero anapea mtu tuition chini ya maji

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Nv . wewe ni spokesman wa zuckerbag.

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Ile league ya ktalk ilirudi?

hii kijana ya mbugua faiba ameshindwa kumaliza bush

Kidero tena! @FieldMarshal CouchP huyu sonko ni useless. You see unlike you, a daylight board warrior, I’m usually in the streets, at night. Things CBD are a mess. Kuenda CBD hepi imekuwa a dangerous affair. A lady was stabbed tu Juzi juu ya sijui infinix. Kabla u rant hapa, tembea streets. Sonko akwende uko, tao imekuwa balaa

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Sawa tu:D:D:D

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