WhatsApp groups

Every fucking week am added to early campaigns WhatsApp groups I immediately leave.Is there any way I can block people from being added to any group without my permission?[ATTACH=full]285142[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]285143[/ATTACH]

shida ya kujifanya analyst kwa base ya jaba:D:D:D

work hard. wanafikiria wewe ni mtu wa mkono mashinani. hustle hard, utakuwa unapigiwa simu mpatane classified locations,

Mimi nitumie matiti tu…I gave up long time ago

I’m not sure about Androids, but for IOS users, people have to inbox you and get your permission before you can be added into any group. Check under 'privacy/ groups.

you can control people who add you to groups…just head to privacy settings on whatsapp…you can update your whatsapp if its outdated… to get the latest privacy settings

Seen it .Even restricted some notorious contacts but bado others keep adding me .maybe I will keep restricting more contacts

Enda kwa privacy changua hii…[ATTACH=full]285149[/ATTACH]

Hizi groups huni-annoy sana. Mara you have been added to 1 million groups, mara video links mia moja per day and mbishas which you don’t care about…why on earth do we need to see your kids sleeping? then you are invited to 2 billion fundraisings…mara sijui rurashio and pre-wedding donations, baby showers na kathalika, mara I am coming to the UK can we meet up, mara nitafutieni job, not a single cousin asks me when I am visiting Kenya wani-host. I leave ASAP! mara the baby shower gift list have posted and they are all told to dress in a certain colour …too much!
But perhaps the worrying lot are the FB goons. I have 95 friend requests saa hii 80 percent strangers. I mean do you go on FB and trawl or how does that work?

Restrict everybody. Whoever wants to add you should send an invitation link.

Update your WhatsApp to the latest version. Enda kwa settings. Privacy…you can choose who can add you into groups and who cannot. Thank me later

Whats your name on fb nikuwe the 96th request

Thats what i did

Mtingizwa kitanda