WhatsApp groups.

In every WhatsApp group there is always that guy. The group chat that was created for a specific reason like maybe it is an investment group, or a wedding committee group or maybe a chicken farming group.
You were added and have already contributed to that group thereby confirming your membership. Then suddenly some guy starts sharing forwards and YouTube videos totally unrelated to the group.
Kama hungekuwa umetoa comments since being added to the group then you can safely exit. But you have.
Sasa you’re suffering because the notifications keep popping at all times of the day. You used to look forward to hearing that noise of incoming text because it could be Suzy with the fat legs or Cherono with the shiny forehead lakini now you know it’s that person.
Nobody is stopping you from leaving the group, it’s just that you either don’t want to miss out on the important things that are discussed there or maybe you don’t want the people there wondering why you left without an explanation.
And then you turn the focus to yourself and wonder why is it that you cannot tell the person to stop flooding the group chat with unrelated YouTube videos. Then you remember that thing your mother taught you when you were growing up “Papa if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all” then you smile and think about Mom a little bit before being interrupted by yet another notification of an incoming text at which point you say"shait!" like Introvert.
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I hate those forwarded videos and messages…they irk me so much!!!

Mimi nime tetoka groups zote vile 2018 ili ingia the only one remaining is one for family members and its dormant anyway

Did you tell them why au ulitoka bila notice?

Uko na link ya hio chicken farming group.

he he…fear of missing out…
i avoid it by not being in any groups/social media…

Haina link, you have to be added by the admin of that group.

When they add you, do you leave the group immediately? Because if you have WhatsApp they will add you at some point in your life. Kuna moja ya my primary School classmates nilitoka immediately after kukuwa added haha

Disable notification for groups works every time.

i don’t have whatsapp:)…control, man, control…

Apana tambua you add me without my consent,I leave immediately.

I tried that and it worked in a way. Then the next time I look at WhatsApp I see 15 notifications:D:D

Admin fake mwambie nimemuita saitan

What, but you will soon, off late what’s app imeanza kutumika kama an official communication channel for work. The worst thing ever to happen.

They should update the app such that you can mute group for a lifetime and also archive it without popping up with the notifications…

true, and juzi tu i had to explain to my boss why i think it is a bad idea and will NOT join. one, i do not want lower rank colleagues to read when i trash their senior colleague’s idea. it erodes hierarchical order.

Most people generally lack discipline. There was a family group that even before it was created,we had all agreeded no posting of forwaded messages. The group was inteded for family discussions only. Sadly it didnt last long before watu waanza siasa za voting,messages za ‘con allerts’ that didnt make sense. Some relatives would complain to me about others, nikatazane hio story ya forwarded messages nashindwa kusomea e.g an uncle about it

Then unafikiria juu hujakua whatapp in a while ati ni watu wamekumiss. Only to find zote ni za one useless group:(

unfortunately you can neverrecover those minutes.

kuna watsap group ya madem malaya wa cheap tuingize @uncle nyam ?

Best thing is if inaeza kua kama facebook. You have the option to accept or reject being added. And ofcourse without informing the other party that you rejected

There is something called mute notification