whatsapp evolution- Just for fun

Here are some new tips

  1. To write in bold, just type star (*)…sentence…then star
  2. To achieve italics, just type underscore(_)…sentence…then underscore
    3.to achieve strike-through, use wave…sentence…then wave.
  3. you can achieve various results by combining two or three of the tips.
  4. whatsapp has also introduced the Facebook style ability to reply to individual sender group. This is done by long pressing the message. The reply button appears as a backward arrow in icons on the top.

Now you know.

We knew this since beginning of last month. Mchenzz

playing catchup with Telegram

my GB WhatsApp is refusing to upload or send images. what could be the problem? It si version 4.55

Cool. I have always wondered how people type in bold. Thanks for the information. Telegram still kicks ass though


If you graduate from nursery school, don’t think that it has been shut down. (Mhenga @Chifu, 2016). Brarre…


Hata sisi. But let others who do not know get to know. Mshienz


@Deorro saidia huyu

i dont use GB WhatsApp, I use normal WhatsApp which is now better, theming is via layers or CMTE so i cant help

Hii ndio nini? :eek:

tumia google serre