What's your favorite Desktop OS?

Mimi ni mtu was Windows 7 Ultimate, 64 bit. I bought my laptop with Windows 10 but I had to downgrade it to win 7 SP1. Win 10 is slow and full of bugs and was actually launched after users complained that Windows 8 lacked the start button. The other thing about 10 is the updates. Bulky as sh!t


been using qubes os for a while now and I love it

KDE Linux

Windows 10. I was using Linux cinnamon but got bored coz I love Gaming.

Linux mint

Ngombe, KDE ni GUI.

Hiyo yako

Win 8.1 was launched to reintroduce the start button, not 10. Windows 10 for me.

What windows 10 bugs do you guys keep talking about that I have never encountered? You guys are like the idiots who stuck with Windows XP even when support ended till when they were ravaged by ransomware

Mimi ni punda sio ngombe, tusizeane blo

:D:D he’s confusing you…

siwezi zoeana na dwanzi kama wewe, utaniambukiza ujinga

Windows 10 official updates have been known to brick devices and introduce new bugs - even as lately as a few months ago.

Known to brick devices? What percentage of Win 10 installs were bricked by updates?

EVERY single desktop OS has had its share of broken updates. It’s easy to notice Windows cock-ups because of the volume of computers running the OS. An OS running on approx. 500 million PCs, even a 1% fail rate is huge. And seeing that it has to work with almost infinite hardware configurations, Windows 10 is doing a pretty good job.

That said, I have never had a Windows 10 problem that wasn’t caused by a bad/outdated driver – not invalidating your personal experience though. OTOH, I also use Linux Mint. If you have that try updating Python and witness the OS experience a seizure.

Primary: Kali Linux
Secondary: Windows 10
Tertiary : Whonix (For browsing dark web).

Win 8.1 tu. currently on Win 10. But windows juu chini!

vile @Buckets amesema hapo juu

Primary: Windows 10
Secondary: Linux Mint

Win 10
Mac os, qubes, tails, kali and Ubuntu on VM