What's Wrong with You?

I can bet my left ball that the average IQ in this platform is two digits (moron-level). Nothing insightful, interesting, or even funny is ever posted in this village. It’s always the same old dumb negro debates about hoes and moronic political opinions and analysis. If you young, slightly educated negros who can access the internet are this dimwitted, now think of the majority of Kenyans who only have primary school education and can barely read. You are reason why Africa will be always be a shithole continent. The average African is simply too dumb to improve his lot.

It is 7a.m, be positive to meet your days target with ease.

Hii hasira ya asubuhi asubuhi ni kama ulikatazwa morning glory huleta nuksi siku mzima.

This here is an example of uninsightful, uninteresting and not funny post by a two digits IQ moron/bonobo

I can attest to this, Kwanza i came to understand, everytime you querrel or have some fracas with your betterhalf in the morning. Hiyo siku huwa mbaya kuruka. afadhali ata ulale.

Don’t be too hard on yourselif Ssebo.

Tuko tuu sawa. Wewe hama.

We are heading to election year. Kenyans brains are slowly limping into hibernation. All that talk about development, family wellbeing, healthcare , education…is all going to the toilet. Its about tribe now.

My enemy maliza hiyo ghasia

Talking about IQ yet za wengine ziko chini kushinda shoe size ya Likobee


Why NOT take advantage rather than bitch about it, for people here have money to spend.

I mean, create an advert or a post that touches on our “low” IQ.

Have a look at the post linked below and let me (us) know if you would buy from the vendor or if, as a business operator, you would pay 5k for such an advert.

Would You Pay 5k For A Copy Like This? - Business - Kenya Talk

As you were.

Hii hasira ni ya nini asubuhi hii mwanangu? :D:D:D

Kuulisa tu kaka, what have you done so far to improve the situation in africa? Nothing. ZERO.
See? Thats why you choose to login to ktalk…to read contents that are not insightful, interesting or even funny. You should read books instead ama Taifa leo. By the way your post is not funny…:D:D
We do not come here to show others that we went to school but have some good time with some strangers…tunacheka na siku inaisha. WEWE endelea kununa.

Ukinyimwa nyonga, modern problems deserve modern solutions

Unaletajr makasiriko kwa village kama mtu amekula mavi?

First value your ball by not putting silly bets on it. Ukijipenda hii machungu itaisha and you will see things clearly. For now make more use of OSHA MECHO threads.