What's wrong with us Men? Karen Nyamu proves she dumped her baby daddy

Men out here are simping a lot.

Sad case…ukiona vile anajiweka kama cool guy… kumbe wueh

Inaitwa kukosa fulusi. A very unfortunate place to find yourself as a man. You will get walked over by a bitch so that u can atleast pay your rent or afford a drink. Na nikisema hapa young guns should concentrate on making that cheddar and join MGTOW badala ya kuzalisha hawa wamama hawana akili mafala kama @BADASS na @uwesmake wanasema they want 30 kids. Bure kabisa!

I love how this mentally unstable woman just shares private conversations fwaaa, yeye na sonko hakuna tofauti. Ukiingia box yake you only have yuaselefu to blame.

Mimi naeza kula na kuingia burnt forest like my signature late breaking move and diving around the inside!

Background please

Huyu mama Hana siri

Mwanamke akifika stage ya kuwa full blown hoe there is no turning back.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned…huyu ni wa kutumiwa tu hata samidoh anamtumia…kuna mp pia anamtumia ndio maana anatusumbua. Aende kwa kina Amani na mutoko wamwambie vile kunaenda vumbistan wanaume wakishachoka na wewe

She’s Samidos mwk. Her ex ( and baby daddy) went to radio to explain why they broke up.

Plus you see ata she had not saved him. She ended up exposing his number.

Kuna girl child atapiga hio number teketeke

Once amejua that she has earned a guaranteed 18 year maintenance in the form of child support, most men end up losing.

By the time a man is publicly playing his wife, and the side chick is deriding the wife on TV, he’s feelings are trapped in there. Samido is trapped. What happened to Mutoko?

Kwani wewe ni Daniel Riccardo

Yes! Hehehe

I have never been dumped I do the dumping.

But he is really struggling with tht McLaren

He will be OK next year if they get the new regulations right. Hii mwaka ni warm up tu

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