What's wrong with this woman?

Kenyans have really hated on this woman. Why? Chaguo la mtu aneza kimbia hivyo I’m sure aliona some strong genes which can become a future Kiptum. I don’t know why the hate yet wengine wanaenda tao usiku kutafuta homeless albino women to screw. The things men do in hiding even scare Satan. The girl was his choice let’s respect the wishes and desires of the dead please. Kutusi side hen is disrespectful to the dead. RIP.

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what happened here?

There’s nothing respectable about death itself, it’s just a state of involuntarily passing out of earthly existence. The living must earn respect while alive, then they will be respected, even in death. So, people will talk, nicely or meanly, about both the living and the dead, that’s the way of the world.
To solve your puzzle, nothing’s wrong with her, some simply feel he had the means to make a more exciting choice.


Shida ni hio pesa yote hii ndio una weka ball. Anakaa post op turedio

The ‘man’ in that woman is strong

Hii ni athletic genes mzuri sana, umeona sister ya mike tyson?

Kiptum side chick catching alot of flack from the public