What's wrong with Kenyan programmers.

I tried to buy something on the KQ website and it couldn’t go through,no wonder KQ is always in trouble.
And among other examples, like here in the Naivas website; how can you offer milk in cosmetics department.
All commerical websites in Kenya that I have tried to use look cheap and full of crappy stuff like this.


Lack of UX Experience Metrics, No similar brand to compare to

@horseguard kwa beauty and cosmetics kuna products ziko na io jina, kama arimis milking jelly, so lazima uwe clear unataka milk enye iko kwa fresh food. ni products mingi Iko na io jina, na zote sio maziwa


You are a bloody idiot if you don’t know why milk appears in cosmetics section…mbwa hii

Alafu naivas website developer is not ALL kenyan developers and not all Kenya websites are developed by Kenyans

Shenzi wewe, ebu google “milk cosmetics”

Exposing your stupidity here…who is your mother ?


That just shows a lack or incompetence of the QA team. Most companies run on a shoestring budget utapata developer ndio ana-test code yake.

[SIZE=5]Programmers don’t populate catalogues idiot. Sales people and the so-called merchandisers do. For that and the reasons you’ve been given above and all others that will follow, ㅤFuck you![/SIZE]


Hiyo result number one caano geel sinjawai kunywa, naskianga ata supu yake inafikishanga threshold.

You are blaming programmers for nothing…testers unawaachia wapi

Have you seen local government websites?

Kenyan clients are cheep and want world class results while paying peanuts. No wonder many of these sites have unsecured backdoors and are easily hacked.

So you just felt like posting whatever stupidity that came out of your head?

Penda sana. That’s good when I see low quality stuff. You get what you pay for.

Unalipa watu pesa kidogo unataka site ikuwe kama Amazon.

Shida ya Kenya is ignorant ppl expect programmers wakuwe wameiva hadi UX and UI design. Most companies in Kenya hawataki kulipa designers who are the experts in User interface design alafu on top of thatthey shell out peanuts expecting to get top website programmers.
Ukiangalia all great looking and functioning websites in the world zinaundwa na team.

mbona mnamalisa OP?

despite some shortcomings like blaming programers,he has a point:the websites can be better than they r.that is his main point.

i agree,they r crappy.

Top programmers hawaguzangi hizo project. Utapata ni learners na watu wanaanza ndio wanafanya hizo project.

So being patriotic and wanting to buy a ticket directly from KQ so that Kenya can get all the money is stupidity?
I tried their website for almsot 1 hour and kept going into loops until I gave up.
Got the same ticket on skyscanner in 10 seconds but then the commission goes to another country.

what is milkin? why can’t they border or margin space it to give Milk in …

Give them WordPress ama Wix templates that you can whip in an hour and get over with it.
What irks me is that these so called clients also require devs to come up with content too.


Algorithm, show most searched items in any category. There are beauty products with milk

Hapo kwa “how can you offer milk in cosmetics department” imekuharibia. Lakini you had a point vile imepotea juu ya hiyo kitu.