What's with the screaming headers?

They not only make the page ugly, it’s rude netiquette. It does make ignoring messages easy though.

Yeps. MAkes it easy to ignore the dumb messages.

wapi mbisha

I suggest everybody ‘ignores’ this @TrumanCapote asso. Spamming the site.

Georgina might be making a quiet comeback.

It is her alright. Maisha bila ‘kwa mjaka’ wasn’t worth living

That’s Kenyan media for you. Let’s say it together. Gazeti ni ya kupanguza mafi

Manze huyu jamaa ako na over 50 posts anaharibu kenyatalk

She’s already here but she’s using several @Pseudonyms

Huyu mkisii husumbua sana pale kwa zukabaga. one bitter mofo

Sio jamaa, Ni pink handle. All her posts have her signature. Thread headings in uppercase, no introductory lines, just YouTube videos(not less than two), famous personalities on her prof pic and most obvious a burning hatred for the current establishment and pure love for anyone who’s anti-establishment kama Ndii hivi

are you serious?

Agree with you, but you forgot to add, a loose nut in the head too.

@Deorro Omera Fanya mambo hii nyangarika iko haribu kijiji. Tuma yeye saberia

Imebaki tu atuambie about the ‘reach’ significant other na Uwesmake kumuita ‘my deer’.

some people just can’t lie low.

Everybody? You really think highly of yourself old mzee

:D:D:D quietly loud.

mzee mjinga heshimu mzae upate baraka

I thought matina eloped to her ‘reach husband’