What's with the continued water shortages in Nairobi?

What could be the issue that is facing Nairobi that the water shortages will never end.Did not have water on Monday Tuesday Wednesday,it came on Thursday only to go today.It has been raining consistently and nothing much is changing.Is there systematic sabotage that people are playing games with us which i think is the case or is it genuine?These are some of the hazards of living in a country that tolerates mediocrity, people do not think outside to provide solutions to problems, corruption and you will never get any good public service in this country and if you have lived in countries where you get very good and instant services it becomes very painful to come back.This thing is getting out of hand.

Corruption,nepotism and tribalism is the reason why.

Blame it on car wash dudes, kidero style.

I dont know where you live but since sonko tookover nairobi shortages are pasttense

Ah kumbe kuna mtu hakuoga pia na vile wajuaji waliniingilia hio siku

Sonko came , the shortage stopped shortly then it begun again

I usually know how to store water,but what really is getting on my nerves is that i am paying for services i am not recieving


Hamia thika rd huko hatukosangi maji

Thika road?

Side IPI?

Anywhere from Muthaiga, garden estate, Ruaraka, USIU and Mirema…

I don’t think I will ever understand the mandate of Nairobi water and sewerage co. even a layman manager would have purchased land in satellite towns e.g. kajiado, machakos, Kikuyu etc using all the monies collected from water bills since time immemorial and dug up backup boreholes and dams. They react to water shortage using the most foolish decision every year: Rationing. Nairobi water ni kama tu Kenya power…ferk em all

Wacha kugeneralize Nairobi yote. I cannot recall the last time I had water shortage. Power outages pia once once but short lived. What am I saying, I cunt relate. Roysambu tuko sawa.

huko ni Nairobi bado. nwei I don’t count past GSU hqs as nairobi

water selling cartels

Not viable in the long term,that’s why they are doing the tunnels of death,

Mimi sina stima sasa…na siogi na maji baridi

All they do is break-even.With all the corruption and illegal connection, they cant move an inch forward.

I hate people who head things and be okay with the norm. year in year our same problems, same backward solutions

may be, but another ndakaini is a possibility. I mean…we have Nairobi water itself, then ministry of water, then water services regulatory board (I don’t even know what in earth’s oxygen the latter breathes to do)…all these and some people in suits feel confident enough to post that they just had a meeting to solve what? Nwei its the Kenya we have

Kwetu maji iko through out