whats ur take?

[SIZE=6]Why do Kenyans build village mansions they have no use for?[/SIZE]


Whose is that?

Ata kama I dream of having one,this one is too big man

And they look like those administration block buildings that Moi used to build in high schools all over the country when he was PORK. Orengo has one such monstrosity.

I have no take on this

Nyumba ikipitisha five bedrooms I view it as a waste of resources. Hata nikiwa na pesa, I would rather have a five bedroom with many extras in a good hood, than these big ghost houses. I saw very beautiful five bedroom houses in Spring Valley kama za huko majuu…problem is, that gated estate had just 23 houses, common swimming pool and only Asians live in it. I would rather pay for a house in such a hood. Each house hapo market value ilikuwa 50 million.

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Wacha birriyoneya watumie pesa zao bwana. Kama unayo watu wanalia. Kama huna, pia bado wanalia. harsh-a-tag birriyoneya tings

According to DN ni ya Stanley Githunguri

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SMH and to only imagine you can only be in one room at any given time

Mwanaume hujengea bibi na watoto nyumba. Save for weekends when you stay there for a max of four hrs at a time, mtu hushinda nje hata unashangaa nyumba ni ya nini!!!

Wat for…waste of money.invest in other things.meffi

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They are retirement homes which will be hosting many grandkids and your children’s families can stay comfortably.

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The building in question is in Ruiru (i hope its the one) Twas being built by Mzee Kenyatta as a state lodge and the project manager was one Stanley Githunguri. Upon Mzees demise the construction was stopped by a presidential decree by MO1

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I saw a similar abandoned monstrosity in Runda behind the Village Market recently, and then there’s that ruin on Peponi Rd. at a bend going down the hill. Sometimes, I imagine some corrupt person who ran afoul with the law and lost their job, or a patriarch who died intestate and left heirs fighting and totally uninterested in completing his dream. Some may have been started with bank loans and became unsaleable after the bank took over from the defaulter.

Hailing from Molo, the place is dotted with some serious Colonial Mansions, but most of them are in a very sorry state.

most of them in mashinani huwa possessed… ama ukijenga the @Jirani goes to karumanzira …

The one in Ruiru was built exactly like state house Nairobi and abandoned.

Peasant mentality.