whats the worst than can happen if Ohuru arrests Raila

We have all seen Baba has been tempting the goverment to arrest him , he has done everything to provoke the govt . The worst he as done is saying he is going to swear himself in (someone whose 8 million votes were stolen ) saying he will be sworn in is no joke . Uhurus legitimacy i in question since IEBC refused to open the servers thats a FACT .

Kenya has been unfair on Raila , the man fought for 1,23 and now the 4th liberation . he has not been rewarded with presidency . the lion was detained by Moi and e was innocent the mans election were clearly stolen in 2007 . the mans daughter is in hospital . the man lost his only onlyyyyyyy heir Fidel Odinga , the mans other son is physically challenged . the man has been faithful to the wife thats why hana heir wengine (and i have always told men have as many kids as possible in and outside marriage , back up plans .)

in a nutshel Baba is desperate and baba has nothing to lose and he is angry ‘YOU CAN NOT INTIMIDATE ME ’ ’ I DONT RECOGNISE HIM AS PRESIDENT ’ ‘CHIETH MY FOOT’ ’ KENYA WILL BE RULED BY KENYANS’ these are words of a bitter man . the West has abandoned him .

But i still blame the govt and partly kenyans for robbing BABA . arresting baba will be a major blunder considering 60%of kenyas economy is in Nairobi , those sleeper cells will come alive . TIBIM TIALALA .

Presidency sio zawadi ya kupeana

homeguard Jomo Kenyatta alipata aje ?

Those are two different people living in two different time periods. Stop comparing them

Nothing has prevented ODM from forming alliances with stronger parties to gain power…but every time they do, Baba has to be on the ballot box…this man simply lacked the patience…

you are very stupid if thats the way you think , i answered a question correctly .

patience gani at 75 years banaaa

The ‘baba stans’ are making things complicated… Ata akipewa hii is monarch hatakuwa superpower still ata have to comply wit both side… Atafute hii kiti in a friendly manner akiblend well na wengine chances huwa atapita katikati yao… The pride n ego won’t let rao blend in that why atakuwa sideline everyday…

jamaa ako 70 years anachapaaaa , ukifika past 70 hata kufikiria inakuwa tricky

So according to you the mindset that Kenyans now have is the same one they had in 1960s? Alot has changed regarding governance and democracy of our country. Also, it’ s not just Raila who has suffered for this country sana ati ndio apewe zaiwadi ya urais. When Raila campaigns by antagonising one group of people against another one to an extent that some people always feel insecure as we go to elections, just rest assured that he can’ t get that presidency he wants to have.

Did he say “constitution my foot!!!” yesterday .So jungle rule it is

Baba ali snitch, Hezekiah Rabala Ochuka akashikwa.So the demons of ochuka won’t let him be president… so uncle @uwesmake RWNBP

sleeper agents tunawasaka tu polepole

We are grateful to Raila AND OTHERS including Rubia Charles, Anyona George the late, Kaggia Bildad etc. for their part in fighting for democracy. Including Koigi. But our gratitude doesn’t extend to the ballot. Si uliona Koigi akipata 17 votes kwa nomination?

Kenyans like moderates. Not radicals. Which is why Raila will never be president.

I think he wants the govt to arrest him ndio aendelee kucheza siege game. Won’t happen. He’ll just be teargassed in sufficiently large doses; enough to make him jump back into his VX and scurry away while those that came on foot die as they battle with police.

We know his M.O.

Ati umeita nani homeguard?

Jomo mwenyewe

I can remember the matiba election that he thought he had won… So he thought, but it degenerated him into phyco phases that he made himself think he was president, the guy aged a bitter man and from the trend history is repeating itself on RAT.

wacha upussss . Moi tortured Matiba into a cabbage .

What’s up with the keyboard? :D:D

It is something to be stolen