What's the Use of A Government

How are we supposed to stand proudly in the community of Nations and scream sovereignty when we can’t even get people descent shitting facilities. Kukunia tu serikali imeshindwa kutatua and we plan to sit at the UN Security council.

Hawa viongozi wa Afrika hawaonagi aibu ati mtu kutumia choo ni luxury. There’s no difference between Kenya and failed Somalia in terms of flying toilets.


this is mudslinging. maybe the fake arabs we have in north eastern and eastern are bringing us bad reputation

Validity of the findings notwithstanding, tropical Africa needs to re-examine their development on a range of areas.

free soil fertilisation banae… just doing our part in fighting climate change


  1. huku ni north eastern?

  2. why do they have to be reminded about open defecation?


Ata choo mnataka serikali iwajengee? Kama watu hawana choo, kuchimba shimo na kujenga structure ya miti ama bricks za mchanga imewalemea, hakuna kitu wanadeserve kutoka kwa government.

The key for that map is the dumbest I have seen in a long time

Yaani jaluo hapana tambua Swahili, either use English or dholuo