What's the smartest thing you ever invested in?

buying blue chip shares before splitting and listing…best ever, , you literally move from thousands to millions, kibaki era was the best for nse.

Yes just give me a guide…Hizi vitu nisipozisoma sitaelewa

Akikutumia unitumie pia munene

Sawasawa Ni vizuri kusaidia wasiojiweza:D:D

binance.com finexbox.com those are some of the crypto exchanges. Crypto trading needs knowledge of some of the coins and how to trade them.

Binance.com for example needs some technical and fundamental analysis like forex but others like finexbox.com doesnt need any analysis its just a matter of buy and sell orders.

For a start, if you want to do it practically you can open an account at finexbox.com, go to the Ethereum column and choose a coin called UBN(Ubricoin) and buy it cheaply then place a higher sell price. It might not sell immediately as the volumes aren’t as high but you will make money. You can scale as high as you want. Some coins you can keep and sell later when the coin price goes up. They are super cheap right now. Like in the pennies.

You will need to get Ethereum from localethereum.com or elsewhere to buy UBN as its an ERC20 token running on Eth platform.

I dont have a guide. Thats what I can share now.

Before I forget there are groups called pûmp and dump groups that can really accelerate your earnings in crypto quite handsomely.

They are found on discord and Telegram. Basically its a large number of people who zoom in on a particular coin and buy it thus pushing up the price before it plummets again.

You will need to look out for content on the same on Youtube and Google.
All the best.

Thanks alot Bro.
Crypto is the next big thing.Am going to read till I can’t read anymore.

Karibu. Yes don’t listen to any naysayers. You will come across many. Crypto is probably one of the biggest fintech innovations ever in the world. It has basically opened a loophole that the few wealthy corps and or individuals have been lying using to print money and run the the world. now with crypto you dont need a financial institution to fund your project, you can literally print your own money using your crypto. Goodluck.

Land. Best investment I ever made. Multiplied in value many times over.

The location and how long did it take to multiply in value

Ongata Rongai - i bought there coz it has among the highest appreciation rates historically. Rongai… 1st plot was apo masai lodge road …touching tarmac. That was in 2010. Its trippled now.
Second one still in Rongai …iko like 2.5 times…bought that in 2013. Land is awesome bro.

@Guru bought land in Rongai only to later learn that some people had already fenced and built houses on the same land

Wa wa wa! Pole sana man. I hope you sued somebody …


Na sikuwagi nimekosea sana. I knew you were the type. :D:D:D

try selling that land when you have an emergency and you’ll realize land is one of the hardest asset to liquidate.


nadai guide


nadai guide pia

ulipata guide. please nadai pia

Inakupeleka aje in 2020