What's the Problem tiles cracking

Fundi nagonga Mimi kwa materials! Cha m!

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Is it really the tile, ama mlijenga kwa swamp? Check your soil profile


Thats very dangerous for everyone in the house especially if you have kids.Tiles hukata mtu vibaya sana.
The fact that crack imeenda hadi kwa wall shows that the issue is about mahali umejengea.Nikama ulijenga mahali iko soggy.


It is the wall and floor cracking.

Bomoa hii manyata ujenge kama mtu ako na akili. And next time don’t engage the services of the fraud fundi anajiita @Randy Tafuta engineer akufanyia complete site analysis.


Hii nyumba ukijenga uliibia watu ng’ombe huko Samburu ama Laikipia. Mali ya wizi haidumu


Tore bobo omogambi yaa

Walls na Tiles zina crack as a result of the whole floor sinking unevenly. Its very possible that house should be condemned and brought down

In cases like this, you don’t blame the fundi that built that foundation…you blame the fool that was paying for it.


Niache omogambi

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Mzuri sana omogambi.Nisaidia number ya msichana mkisii yelo yelo petite nikule pale kisii.Naelekea huko on friday.

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Nitakotafutia mumocha ware warimarisa form 4 rast year gaaki omumunye osikie fisuri gaaki.

Nyumba inacrack floor na ukuta? Umetupa pesa hapo…bomoa tu ujenge ingine


Vacate immediately. This happened a lot in Naivasha region due to plate tectonics. Secondly soil profile.

Thirdly kama ni gorofa HAMA saa hii. The house is SINKING


Seems like he built along a fault line and the overall integrity is now compromised, sasa kinamramba. Either way he has pull this structure down, whether it is now or 10 years from now.


That’s why saa zingine it can be better to buy a house (through manageable debt and insurance) than building your pigsty ukikata corners. This one is about to loose a couple of millions hapa

This could be due to placing the structure on a fill area which was not adequately compacted.

As the Building settles then you are bound to have cracks…

An Assessment is required to Determine whether these are Superficial or Structural Cracks.

From the little I can see from the Photos these are Superficial which can be remedied by use of an Expansion Joint…


Ukona na floor. Ni kama Thiong’o alikuuzia buroti maguta maguta kwa swamp…ama fundi walifanya kazi ya umbwakni


Kama ni motokubwa. Enda kwa butchery uchukue ng’ombe mzima

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Aside from the cracks, how can anyone live in such an eyesore? Those colors are shit!

I am a professional in the construction industry. Those pictures show evidence of structural failure with the cracks running on the horizontal surfaces up to the vertical surfaces. The tiles are fine its that particular area of the house that has failed. Possible solutions will include under pinning. Pole sana. Consult a structural engineer.