What's the maximum nomber of times you've had sex in a period of 24 hours?

Open dick or vagina measuring contest:D I once did it 7 times from morning till late night. I don’t know what was it but something greatly attracted me to that mbich. Still woke up with morning wood:D

ulikuwa umetoka jela ,usitudanganye please

10 hadi unamwaga mahewa

I always reach my threshold of 7

Are you conversant with the Ebru protocol? Meffi!


6 rounds with one girl for a day
5 times with 4 different kungurus in a span of 24 hrs

Mkubwa hapa umeona Ebrufication inaingiana wapi? Should I go back in time and take pictures of 7 condoms full of sperm. Acha kuwa Ng’ombe sometimes :smiley:

Threshold lazima, kakabraza. It feels nice fucking a p.ussy full of ua own cum, ni kama swimo.

Baba anangangana kuapishwa kesho wewe actualization yako ni ngono threshold ya ktalk.

How do you dick the same girl more than twice in a day?

Fungulia sisi hekaya, najua ziko kadhaa.

It’s very easy when you are actually with a hot classy girl not these handsome looking Kungurus wewe umezoea.

kwa hivo uko na classified information inauguration is still on course!?

It’s not the quantity but quality brother.

Threshold has done more for my peace of mind than Baba or any other politician will ever do.

Iko wolach nilikula south c karibu 48 hrs continuous. Must have been over 20 shots hadi ile cum on the tip ya cd ilikua bloody. Kazi ilikua tu kushuttle between kitchen and bedroom. When i think of that warges i get an instant hardon

Do you think a dick rises in attention 7 times in a row if it’s not quality sex? Pumbaff wewe

Song of the year. I need it in UHD

Kenye ume kata kusema ni ati hio ndio time ulitoka kodiaga maximum prison