What's the least price you can buy an s8/s8+?

I am planning on upgrading to a better phone.I am considering an S7 edge and S8 or S8+ with a budget of kshs.40k. I am seeing that i can gat a good s7 edge below that range but i am also seeing some s8 and s8+ on olx. Should there be alarm bells when someone sells to you a used S8 or s8 + at that price?

Be very careful izo phone ziko na clone zingine zinkaaa the real thing you can hardly tell the difference.

Angalia bei ya dukani na hiyo unayotaka kuuziwa nayo. Ukiona unauziwa kitu kwa bei chee shtuka.

50 bob is the best I can do.

So, how can you tell the difference?

S7 edge leta 36k

Nokia 7/8.

S7 edge at that price ni saw i can get a clean one,but s8 na s8 plus ndio nilikuwa nauliza

Buy the s8 plus lakini uendee customer care.

I will respond tomorrow

Juu ya warranty ya East Africa… Good!

N remember when the deal is to good…

I have a guy who can sell you a brand new s7, s8 or any other phone you want for 12k. Kama uko serious nitumie message pale inbox

S8 on Jumia goes for 60k


problem with Africa many samsung phones are refurbished from China/Korea/Usa and other big countries, These phones has many problems and i do not advice people to buy them unless you know what you are doing. some of the problems are
-they have different 4g bands, likely they wont work with 4g here
-you dont receive updates
-few sms charachter
-malfunctioning ussd
-other hardware problems like overheating.

when you buy samsung phones make sure they are international version and they have warranty.

to know if it is international version go to setting then about you will see model, then go to gsmarena and check if that model is international or not. for example s8 international model is called G950F so you have to make sure its that model.

but sometimes they can modify software to show as global model while it is not, you can reverify again by switching off your phone and hold power+ bixby + volume down button and enter download mode, there it will show you model of your s8

to check if it is original and not clone do these

  1. download app called cpu z it will show hardware inside of phone, for your case s8 global version will show exynos 8895 octa with mali 71 gpu.
  2. download app called samsung info also it will show you details of that phone.
  3. you can also check email of that phone online japo sio 100% safe.

pia tumia akili ya kawaida, angalia vitu ambavyo simu ghali inafanya ila cheap phone haiwezi kufanya. kwa s8 unaweza angalia hivi.
-personal assistant bixby yupo samsung original tu clone itaweka kitu kama google assistant haiwezi kuwa na bixby,
-simu ghali siku hizi zina kitu kinaitwa ARCore, ambapo kuna app mbalimbali za AR, huwezi tumia hizi apps kwenye simu ndogo, mfano wa app ni hii mpya ya google inayoitwa tape measure. ambayo inapima urefu wa vitu kwa kutumia camera tu. toa banana yako pima na hio app ikikataa jua umepigwa


Ngojea S10 inakuja January.S8 and S9 are not worth the hype.
I retain my S7 simply because of the fingerprint reader being located on the front of the phone.
S8 unashinda ukiguza Camera na S9 unatumia kidole moja tu!!!
S10 and Galaxy X will have the fingerprint reader brought back to where it is supposed to be and it will be under the screen!!!

Why do you need an S8 in the first place? second these phones are not meant for people who have problems with cash. Look for a cheaper phone and pay full price.