what's the cost of redsoil on an 18ton lorry

The one used for road construction

Randy will give you for free akichimba foundation

depends on location.Pia unanunua yako ama you quoting for a client

Unataka wapi? I have several trucks of redsoil in Kiserian

5 -7k

Kiserian wapi ? Niko na site apo karibu na st Patrick… i might need like 3 lorries for landscaping in 2wks time .

How much to Thika town

Thika town it will be expensive because of transport, ferrying all the way from Kajiado won’t be economically feasible for you.Also mine is ideal for landscaping and gardening

You do NOT buy red soil !!
You only pay for transport and loaders/offloaders

Just look for a place where they are digging foundation and you will be given free of charge. You only pay for transport

Kamulu ngapi

Hii ni chafu imejaaa hardcore

In Thika you can source from around the area. Inquire from sand sellers.

Tafuta mchanga pande ya thika wacha mchezo nani