Whats the best explaination you ever have heard

about the phycology behind the African American (blacks) use of the word “nigger” ?

Is there any similarity to kenyatalk/kenyalist villagers/senators use of the word “bonobo” ?


we wuz kangz

If jungu referred mwafrika as bonobo, pale city center, the rage in this kijiji would be epic. The difference between the the two though, blacks have no problem referring to each other as nigger from the Spanish word Negro, but Bonobo is just degrading, either way you look at it.
No similarities at all.

The equivalent is ladies calling each other Bs but when you call her….

Niggers are bonobos

Exactly. Take an example of @Motokubwa na shemeji yake @uwesmake

It’s all about context. A black man calling another black man nigger signifies camaraderie…but the connotation changes when a white person uses it…it becomes a slur…the word changes into a derogatory term.
Example ingine ni if your friend calls you mjinga, mang’aa or mlevi it’s ok because the two of you know each other well…but an outsider calling you mjinga hio ni vita sasa.
So many other words become weaponised bases on tribe…they become slurs if used by those outside the tribe.

Mao is an insult to a luhyia unless its used by the mother herself, your siblings or close family members

But not all bonobos are niggers…

What about self hate and low racial self esteem as basis of use of said words ?

Maybe, personally I don’t you the word, i find it distasteful.

Niggers love using a word they hate so much. Hao kuwaita bonobo is an insult to bonobos. They’re the scum of the earth wakifuatwa na Naijas na umbwa za Haiti

I have earned the social authority to refer to a black man as nigga.


Its never about self hate but rather a precondition that whites are superior and it gets to a black man when the fact is rubbed upon them. For example a white cutting in line and getting treated first. The anger instilled would not have the same connotations as a black man cutting in line. I would say an inferiority complex. Same would apply to a black/white chap seated with moneyed black/white chaps whereas he’s broke. That feeling down in the pits gets worked up

Nì atia murata wakwa … ulimaliza dryspell ama nirushie wewe kamwarafu