Nimetembea somewhere in Eldy outskirts,

1 bedroom ni 10k. I thought in villages rent ought to be cheap

Huku ocha kwa nearest shopping center unashika double room na 3500, bila deposit.

Wapi huko

Eldy Huwa expensive sana,Nakuru ni cheap.

Assa tenant nalipa Ol Kalau 3 bedroom own-compound 15k. Assa landlord nalipisha Naivasha12k one bedroom units.

One bedroom 12 to 15k
2 bedroom 18 to 30k
Bed sitters 6500 to 9k
Kiambu outskirts

Two bedroom 170,950/- (€1,295) *inclusive of water, electricity, heating, garbage collection and 60Mpbs net

nyumba ya mawe?

250 k five bedroom all ensuite, library,gym,bar , movie room 2 living room s ,2 kitchen pantry , cold room with dsq,pool, Jacuzzi, 2 pergolas and 2 Gazebo s and own manicured compound of half acre exclusive of house

Watu hawalipa, wamejenga big nice residential houses.

side gani eldy huko

wacha bangi

depends which side

Kiambiu slums don’t qualify as rental units rather temporary lodgings where you share the loo, sink, and wife with 20 other tenants

Nikuje loresho lini chief?

Yaani wewe ndio unatafuka mjuels? :D:D:D

Huku Cendro ndani kiasi.

Wacha upus:D

Eldy is still quite cheap ukienda sides za Kimumu, Action, Pan Villa utapata 2 bedroom Safi na less than 18k

Hata the much vaunted Elgon View I think the nicest villas don’t go beyond 60k