What's SO Controversial?

You know well and good these “requirements” are jus to get bigger loans from the IMF. Asin kenya has to show it generate enough revenue to cover the loans it gets. Once the money is in the account, it is embobut time, and nobody will enforce those rules. Lazima tucheze hii karata pesa iingie


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It’s not cock sucking. Am guiding you away from doom posters who think the world will end this year

Goddamn. Yaani unalipa rent kuishi in a shithole country like Kenya? :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

As opposed to where that you could move and get the same quality of life without paying?

Neighboring Uganda

Ungekuwa unasonga saa hii mblo, umengoja firimbi?

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Those numbers mean shit regarding the quality of life. Budget is a useless metric given Kenya has an inflated number of people working in gov’t (mpigs + senators + cabinet secretaries + MCAs etc). It shouldn’t even be a factor. Per capita income is even more useless bearing in mind resources in all the above countries are never equally distributed and only people at the top (politicians) get to own everything. These metrics are USELESS!!

Don’t show me stupid numbers :joy::joy:.

The only thing that matters is quality of life for the average man. Tanzania and Uganda have a way better quality of life than Kenya (even if they’re all shitholes).


A man texts like this is gay

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Ok, move to uganda mblo

Kuja nikupige maji utulize nyege

M7 hachukui simu yangu

Jaribu tena saa hii ako busy kiasi

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The first thing we need to do is DRASTICALLY downsize our Governance Structures

Executive - President / Deputy / 18 Ministers
Representatives - a Parliment made up of 5 Representatives from each County for a total of 235 MP’s.
Civil Service - headed by 18 Ministry heads answerable to Parliament.
County Representatives - 50 in each County Assembly running and accountable for County Affairs.

All Executive , Parliament and Civil Service heads to have a maximum tenure of 2 x 5 years without exception.