What's painful about cheating?

There is nothing inherently painful about being cheated on if you really think about it. What possible harm could it do…
The only reason I would not tolerate a man who strays is coz it’s a sign of self-regulation failure. When one cheats like thrice or more, it is a pattern indicating primitive, uncivilized inhuman behavior…
But am in a long term relationship… If he were to ever cheat, how could I throw all this away, the possibility of finding someone I am compatible with ever again is nearly 0, I would consider breaking up only if the cheating was a public affair…
But I don’t think I’d leave…
Killing Is unforgivable… But cheating


Kutombewa bibi ndio mbaya, mwanaume akicheza nje yeye ni jogoo


Why does it hurt you especially if you are doing the same, I just don’t get it Ama ni selfishness tu, you cannot believe you have lost control over what you claim is yours.

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Women attach emotions to sex, madharau huanza hapo. And the chances of getting infected with sexuallly transmitted diseases


Own opinion backed up by history…our father’s and those before kept 2&+wives one of the reason was to chase away the so called curse of the private parts… currently known as prostrate cancer… nowadays because of cost of living we do the same though not keeping but through cheating as it’s the cheaper option… of course with protection…or opt to stay monogamous to a wife who gives you <10times a year (sex) and face the wrath of prostrate cancer when 40 +


Do you ever have discussion with him on this issue ?

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what? you mean prostrate cancer is caused by lack of sex?


I would talk to him about it if I saw the point in it…
But I don’t. We have been together for 4 years and he shows no signs of a cheat. I was a flirt at the beginning, but I blame it on immaturity (and my lack of perception on what’s painful about it)… I later concluded I had to stop coz it showed my lack of seriousness. I put a stop at it coz it was that or him… He made that clear…

Occasionally his demons do come out an I find him oogling or lusting… But I can tell he is a settled man…
To tell him I would forgive his cheating ways would ruin a good thing

yes!! @Luther12 can confirm


Never ever cheat , when you do you mess your family and your life, that if you are lucky !


I really have never understood this…
Which women don’t want to have sex… Am always too willing and so are my friends… So the question remains… Which women meet this stereotype


A healthy male produces millions of sperms everyday through spermatogenesis. This build up needs to be relieved every now and then. unfortunately, you ain’t 14yrs old and wet dreams don’t come very often and thus tge remedy would be conscious ejaculation, either through coitus or masturbation. Failure to do so, causes a clump up of gametes and stagnation of fluids in tge prostrate that cause cancer…Although a lot of sex exposes you to infections that may introduce carcinogenic substances, lack of sex is more dangerous, especially if you are in your 30-40s.


Hehehe take your pick HIV or prostate cancer. Either way no one comes out alive.


pisha ni muhimu. Kizungu miiingi ya nini?


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If you aren’t a sap tell the saps to tell you what causes it.


So if you are caught cheating the excuse should be you were keeping prostate cancer at bay?
Ok, @Female Perspective where thou art?

Issues starts when sex is used as a weapon to discipline the man or a gift after buying her presents or doing something nice to her.


@Luther12 kuja haraka sana.

waaah :eek::eek: if that is the case. What do priests like @Liberty do? And is monoballer at risk of getting the prostate cancer? Ama risk imepungua since the production of sperm is reduced by half.:confused:

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Hii prostrate mnatajataja hapa ni nini?

I believe I once did a listing on this cancer.