whats most of you guys will endup marrying after kukula Brothels

Gari ni engine brothers :D:D

Starting with you mnyanduaji hodari. Usidhani wanakijiji hawakujui.


Hehehe bust pusy, multiple abortions, single motherhood and a whirlwind of P2s…na bado kuna mtu atatoa dowry

There is no difference between a man who visits the brothels and the women whoring there. It is very contradictory. Then run here and post pikchas of ‘kungurus’ ukiuliza nani amekula, naweza lipa 200shs…I mean…c’mmon now…
You are what you attract.

Every lady be selling pssy nowadays… End of love

imagine manze
and ujipate kwa committee ya harusi ya kitu umesalimiana

igue Ngoma,

me nefa , am " happily married " jst like anyother married man

Mbona mnapenda kuonea kunguru hivi? They are human beings just like you, trying to make ends meet in a difficult world. Moreover, they provide a very important service. Truth be told, there are probably many women out there who, having slowly allowed their presentability to slip away over the years, owe the continued existence of their marriages to these hardworking ladies. Three cheers for kungurus na nyinyi watu muache kuongea vibaya.

Tulikubali. No kungurus kwenye niko but I gorra say something when I have to.

Prostitutes are worse than the people they sell their bodies to. It is more difficult for a man to convince a woman to have sex than vice versa. Therefore the prostitutes are looking for money while the men are looking for satiation of their desires.

NB: As a man who has not had sex for over a year and five months I can tell you how frustrating it can get.

Did you actually miss what I was trying to say? Okii… let me spell it out the men who seek sex from prostitutes are also prostitutes.

No, a prostitute is a person who sells sex. Men who buy are clients.

Again, women can have sex far more easily than men.

The buyers are also male prostitutes…si there are so many beautiful ngeos out there? why not pick one of them?

Buyers are clients unless you want to rewrite the English language.

There are beautiful women out there but it’s not as if they are itching to get laid by every man out there.
It’s not easy to get laid as a man. Wewe unaweza panulia mtu hivo bure tu?
Prostitutes charge a fraction of what “normal” women charge for sex.

If you’ve slept with more than one man in your time, you’re also technically a prostitute. They do it for money, you may have done it for other reasons, but it all amounts to the same thing: s3x for benefit.

Haha! The truth that never gets mentioned!

Sawa mkubwa. But even those men are male prostitutes.

Speaking from both sides of your mouth shall we say? KTalk men have women falling all over them…they are handsome, loaded and what have you…but only on KT.

I never mentioned K-Talk. Stop trying to pigeonhole me into a position I never took.