whats MGTOW ?

wapi village elders watuelezee

Men going their own way

great stuff

tumia kwa sentensi

Kwenyu Ngungu haijafikisha signals ?

I joined the mgtow movement after constant humiliation by my wife. I got divorced soon afterwards. I found strength in them. Unlike “me too movement” which is anti men, mgtow isn’t anti women rather empower men as a gender and realize that we can make it in life without women involvement.
In short it’s maendeleo ya wanaume

In aviation it refers to maximum gross take off weight.

It simply means to SELF ACTUALIZE live your dream and achieve your purpose/ life goals , don’t confuse us mgtows na INCELS as they are bitter beta males who lack the social skills to interact and get sex from women.also read about FEMCELS ,women who can’t get men , don’t let leftist media confuse you by grouping us na INCELS na FEMCELS na M.R.A who are the maendeleo ya wanaume, they do relationship and some are even married,listen to Paul Elam pale YouTube Kama wewe ni MRA,most redditers are incels who spoil the mgtow name ,by using our name ,sisi we don’t hate women ,we just don’t priotise them like INCELS na P.U.A artist .

Damn you are good and seasoned on these matters

bet @KUNGU THE PILOT has no inkling of this between his stock image posts and monthly haggling with michereti over bedsitter rent

Is he still in this forum?

Eeh juzi ametuonyeshea kifunguo ya mkokoteni akidaisha ati ni ya Ferrari

MGTOW: Money Guarana , TOmba Wamama