What's Life? Long Read

As am sitting here watching my princess breastfeed,I actually ask myself ‘What is life?’.

Jana, the Mum said to me that she won’t entertain anyone else apart from our parents n ourselves to ‘kuuliza mtoto wake swali’. So I asked her, “Sass Hata mtoto akipatwa na jirani anaiba asiulizwe?”.
Then she said “Mtoto wangu hatakuwa mwizi!”.The discourse ended there but I asked mySelofu 1007 questions.

What do I do to make sure she grows up in a Godly manner and avoid the mistakes that I have made in this life.

Am as Catholic as they come, grew up in Catholic schools, the works.
the Mum is Protestant. But she has made it clear that I I want her to be baptized at any church, she is Ok with that.I have no qualms about her being baptized in a Protestant church, I just want us as a family to have a good spiritual bond and go to church as often as we should.

But ile upuzi ya kuuziwa anointed oil na kutoa mbegu issano for me, so I’d better stick to what I know.

This week av lost 2 pals. One is an old man who lived ‘fully’ but I dunno I he was happy.Much property he had but that led to shida na khupipi yake cz he swallowed like a fish.Plus squabbles in the family esp btwn siblings made him seek solace in the bottle.It drowned him.
The other one is a young man in his prime, career wise and family wise.Accident and in a second he wasn’t no more.He left a young family.

@Ndindu and the others who post all kinds of ujuaji mkichambua Biblia and the works of God, this post ain’t for you.

@Purple I like your faith.How do I raise this galdem in a way that she’s gonna feel loved and appreciated by us,but at the same time not be a spoiled brat or become a bimbo, worst a ratchet. I always wish that she would have respect for men yet at the same time not be a weakling.

am not yet a parent, but from what’s happening these days, raising a child is a game of chances. you can give them the best but end up worse and they could endure the worst but end up better when grown.

i would suggest not shielding the child from the world or realities and better they get most of the information from you. even if it’s information you don’t agree with.

in terms of religion, it’s good she starts going to church and knowing more about either of the parent’s religions and any other religions or beliefs.

it’s wise for the mom to not want others questioning or teaching the child stuff, but whether she likes it or not, shell interacts with other beings if not grown-ups, then other children who will be raised in different ways than she. so better she has most of the answers from you guys.

i would also suggest the two of you not push your dreams and ambitions to the child, give her the best and enable her to choose her own path. in your endeavor to give her the best, don’t push yourselves into loans with the hope that once she’s all grown up she’ll help you pay off the debts. don’t turn her into an investment that you’ll cash in later in life.

but be open to the fact that she might turn out opposite from what you want or teach her to be. (so much influence from around the world)
all the best

Asante Sana.
I feel like You are ready to be a parent now. If that theory can be put into practice.
Appreciated Bro