What's happening to Cardbury?

whatever is happening to these Co. and their products is just A big Joke.

your first time with nutty chocolate?

Holy fuck!

Ohh shait…

Sabotage. Why would anyone take a photo before opening. He expected to find those maggots inside?

mambo mrembo.


Kuna kitu inaitwa expiry date .

Yeah, same shait happened with Daima yoghurt only to later emerge it was a fake story probably sponsored by their competitors but it worked since I have never taken yoghurt again which was one of my favorite hangover relievers.

Fda approved; alowance for insect parts per bar is there

Part of rdi for insect protein

:confused::confused:I’m curious kujua why he took a pic before kufungua. Nobody does that

Very good source of protein

The chocolate is vaccum sealed ,those are nut eating caterpillars how the fwack did they get in there you might ask. Pack was left open at some point to let the bugs in …and thats how you start sabotage for corporate wars .remember the condom in a beer bottle?

Coz they are stupid and didn’t think it through.sabotage is art my fren

Propaganda za zukabaga

Hio ni fake.Can’t be the real thing.The genuine product is vacuumed packed and mechanically sealed .

Huyu blue handle anajipaka rangi kwa makucha.


Funny talkers here…it doesn’t mean the sealed packet is the same one with maggots…after finding whatever he found he could have easily picked another unopened pack and taken a pic for demonstration purposes.