whats happening in mathare

Whats happening in mathare?? I hear there is chaos there… Updates pliz

What’s happening in Yemen? I hear there is war… In short weka full news mzito.

Huyu wonderfool anakuwanga meffi sana. Haju8 kupost full details. Kazi ni kushinda ameuliza swali za kijinga.

Io ng’ombe iwes kua Mzito hata na dawa. Think of it, he plucked that rumour from wherever say (asool), he then loooked arooooound for a place to perch it and he realized ooh Ktalk is the appropriate place! There you have it

what’s happening in runda? I hear someone’s wife is moaning. updatz plitz. xaxa?

I never knew @wonderful wonder was Robert Alai. Habari ya Nyayo Estate msee? kuna nyesha ama?

Niaje jinga Engui

Wana protest hii maneno…

Rehearsals za Friday.

Hehehehe mnakuanga ngombe Sana

Quite embarrassing for him.

Agwambo Tosha :D:D:D, amefikisha Threshold, if elections were held today, my vote will go for Baba.
Baba has managed to represent the Kenyan male adequately, in that region.

I don’t think so. Agwambo, has given hope, to lots of men out there, that, even in old age, u can still perform adequately in the bedroom.
It’s time for Mama Ida, to commercialize that secret family recipe. Time for her to shine.

Troll images. Doctored.

He he he he he he! Tinga tosa! Nalima samba nalimika.

Hata kama nina vidole kwa sabaabu jembe isa ng’ooolewa…

So we will take it that nothing is happening in mathare.